Choose Green Gifts This Holiday Season

Making the decision for Christmas gifts can be daunting. It’s difficult to gauge what people would appreciate, and you always want to provide the best one. Coming from an environmentally friendly company, we have a criteria that we follow when searching for green gifts for our loved ones that will also make our lives a lot easier.

First point of advice, avoid the waste! Buy things that you never have to throw away at any point in your life. Instead of buying physical objects, consider experiential gifts. With all the options in New York City, these can be fun and can definitely stand out from the rest. It’s more likely your recipient will remember a wonderful experience than the fit bit that’s been stuffed in their sock drawer for the past two years. Check out market place web sites, such as Cloud 9 Living, that can easily guide you to the perfect date. Some easy ideas are Citi Bike subscriptions, tickets to Broadway, or gift cards for eco-friendly restaurants like Graffiti Earth.

If you must provide physical gifts, which can be great too, make sure they’ll be used for years without having to be thrown away easily. For example, moving companies come across furniture from a store that we won’t mention here. Let me just say that it’s Swedish, it has to be assembled at home, and it can break pretty easily. Go for the higher quality pieces that will stick with someone through a lifetime, will have more sentimental value, and is actually worth moving!

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