Movers, Not Shakers! Partners with Wearable Collections to Recycle Clothing

At Movers, Not Shakers!, we believe in offering the possibility of a “Complete Green Move.” With our bin system, we eliminate the cardboard and tape garbage that comes with standard moves. We use sustainable biodiesel for our fleet of trucks. We partner with the Lower East Side Ecology Center to properly recycle and dispose of your electronics.

Now, we’ve also partnered with New York City–based Wearable Collections to keep your old clothes and textiles out of the landfill, while raising money for charities. This is particularly good news, as all the garbage in New York City–12,000+ tons per day–actually gets trucked hundreds of miles away to landfills in Pennsylvania, Virginia, Ohio, South Carolina and other states.

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We’re also big fans of the team at Wearable Collections. They saw a problem in their neighborhood and found a solution. When a neighbor’s bags of clothing sat in the hallway for more than a week awaiting collection, they devised a way to make textile recycling as easy as can recycling–while also supporting charitable endeavors.

New York City residents alone create 11 million garbage bags a year worth of discarded textiles. Wearable Collections takes your old clothing and finds them a second use, turning them into rags or grinding them into fibers. The proceeds from the repurposed textiles get donated to Wearable Collection’s charitable partners. In addition, Walkable Collections, a subsidiary of Wearable Collections, finds your old shoes a new home.

Movers, Not Shakers! drops off Wearable Collection bags in advance of the move, just like the bins. You can use the bags to get rid of used electronics as well. On move day, we load the truck with everything: the stuff that’s to be moved, bags of old clothes, and old electronics. We, and Wearable Collections, dispose of all the items responsibly after that with partners like the Lower East Side Ecology Center.

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Wearable Collections also has pickups at Greenmarkets throughout New York City, at their permanent Drop Spot in Brooklyn, at the 14th Street Y in Manhattan, and has bins in over 200 apartment buildings. Walkable Collections provides shoe recycling nationwide with its mail-in system.

Moving and Recycling from Blue Barn Pictures, Inc. on Vimeo.

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