MNS Partnering with SoHo House

Soho House LudlowMovers, Not Shakers! has had the good fortune of working closely with SoHo House for several years. We have done jobs from New York to Chicago, Miami, and to Upstate New York for lavish private affairs. It is rare for a business to have a go-to moving company, but that is what we have become over the years: a boutique logistics company catering to fast-growing businesses that require near on-demand moving services to facilitate their ever changing platforms for event production and guest services. When SoHo House opened in Miami Beach, we were there. When they opened SoHo House Chicago, we were there too. And now, as SoHo House Ludlow is under construction on the Lower East Side, we are there at the ready to assist with everything from warehouse logistics to raising bricks and kitchen equipment to a 4th floor restaurant space.


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