Why Movers, Not Shakers! Pays a Living Wage

Here at Movers, Not Shakers!, we pay a living wage. Our founder, Mark Ehrhardt, started his career in the tech and finance industry, and while witnessing the post 9/11 crisis he realized one simple thing.

“People need to make a decent amount of money,” he says. “Not everything in life should be a cost-based analysis of how to get the cheapest job.”

By making a living wage our company policy, our customers get a better class of mover, and we all get to enjoy the benefits of contributing to the upward mobility of our fellow citizens.

How does paying our workers a living wage benefit you?

1. Employee Longevity

When you’re moving, you want a crew that has worked at this job with the same team for years. It results in a better move for the customer and lower stress all around. Unexpected situations can arise when moving households and businesses in NYC, and it’s crucial to have a seasoned crew of veterans who know what they’re doing. Also, at the end of the month, when we, like all moving companies, get busy, we can draw on a consistent crew of part-timers who can reliably handle the extra work.

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2. Employee Satisfaction

Good pay is one key way we’ve made Movers, Not Shakers! a great place to work. There’s a line of applicants trying to get in the door. That kind of informal competition keeps everyone on their toes and gives our customers a staff with more skill and know-how.

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3. Investing in New York City

We’re a proud New York City company, and cutting costs is less important to us than supporting the healthy growth of our community. We believe that people should be paid a decent salary, as long as they are contributing to that economy in a positive way. Our employees are raising families, and family members are going to school to pursue degrees and certificates that will let them work in professional fields. If you can participate in the betterment of society, it always comes back to you.

If you’re looking for a socially responsible move, with experienced movers and a competitive price, fill out our estimate form and we’ll get back to you shortly.

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