Winter is Coming… Time to Move!

There are several reasons why moving during the winter may not be feasible, like the school calendar or work complications but if you’re able to move during the winter, you should give moving in winter a thought! Winter is arguably the most advantageous time of the year to move. Here are some reasons why moving in the winter can be better.

Cheaper Moving Rates

People move less in the winter, but that’s part of the reason why it’s a good time to do it! You will often find that prices for moving services are lower, there’s more date availability, and there will be fewer moving trucks on the road clogging up the already super clogged roads of NYC. Discounts compared to peak summer months can be as high as 15%.

Movers would rather work during the winter, because they have so much to do during the summer. Our movers are also NYC winter survival experts, so don’t think that snow showers, blizzards, or ice storms will stop us. All you need is something warm to drink and to study up on the intricate science of dressing up in layers.

Cheaper Housing Prices

Winter is typically a buyer’s market. According to NYC Real Estate mastermind Philip Henn of Citi Habitats, there are far fewer people looking to buy or rent, so the prices that landlords and sellers can charge is lower. Once spring rolls around, real estate agents are licking their chops, because of their flooded inventory. Buyers and sellers tend to come out for homes with beautiful blooming flowers surrounding the landscape. Don’t be fooled by your environment, but don’t think that it will be harder to strike a deal in the winter. Philip Henn states that “if he listed a house with a good price on Christmas Eve, an agreed upon contract will come by New Years.”

Once you have completed your successful move during the winter, the best part about it is having the head start in setting up your new home. Be the smart household that took on the challenge during the winter, so you can bear the fruits of the warm seasons, while the rest of the neighborhood is just starting their spring cleaning.

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