Local Moving

NYC moving requires know-how that you just can’t get overnight. Our drivers know the New York City metro area extremely well. We have a database of building requirements, so we may know what your building insists on before you do. Whether it’s a fifth floor walk-up or the most exclusive residence in the city, trust us—we’ve been there.

Movers not Shakers Residential Movers
Movers not Shakers Long-Distance Movers

Long-Distance Moving

We handle all jobs ourselves from start to finish, and we deliver fast. No outsourcing to secondary providers. Because continuity is so important, the crew that packs and loads the truck is the crew that delivers it as well.

We handle the entire eastern half of the country. We go to Washington D.C. and Boston weekly, and Chicago and Florida monthly. 

Packing & Unpacking

Our packing services are at the top of the industry. We’ve packed and moved chandeliers, grandfather clocks, grand pianos, and precious pieces of art. And yes, we handle the basic stuff too! And while we are a green company, we can still supply you with any and all moving supplies you might need, though we do strongly recommend you take advantage of our reusable bins.

Movers not Shakers Commercial Movers Bins
Movers not Shakers Storage


If you are between places due to closing dates, renovations, or long term travel, we can provide a storage solution that works for your budget and your belongings. Call a Movers, Not Shakers! representative today to assist you with a plan that will alleviate the headaches of entrusting your goods on a temporary basis.