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NYC Office Moving

Moving an office is far more complicated than a residential move. Office moves are typically much larger, have more strict limitations from building management, and require specialized teams to break down and setup once there.

Relocating an office is challenging and stressful, but the process of moving your office doesn’t have to be. Our commercial and office moving services take the headache out of your office move.

Our office moving process begins by providing clients with a dedicated office moving specialist. Why? Because over 50% of people who manage an office are no longer working at that company two years later because of issues after the move. Your dedicated office moving specialist will be with you every step of the way. The specialist will be able to answer any questions you may have and will design a strategy with you that makes the move go as smoothly as possible. Here are just some of the topics your specialist will be able to help you with.

  • Document disposal and destruction
  • Furniture donation and disposal
  • IT services and installation
  • Decoration and design
  • Cost estimates
  • Timeline creation
  • Appropriate service requirements

The Office Moving Process

The best way to plan an office move is to decide which day you want to make your first in the new space, and begin to work backwards from there. Many times office moves happen on the weekend, if both buildings permit it, because I.T. can dismantle the network on a Friday afternoon, and get it back up and running by Monday morning. We work with several IT specialists, and can help you in this regard. Our primary objective is to help you see the move through, without getting hung up in unforeseen situations, or with unpleasant mid-move negotiations. In the end, it is worth a few extra dollars to have a move go well than to accept a lower bid, only to have the move take a dreaded left turn.

Office Moves of all Sizes

We have moved offices of all sizes across New York City numerous times. Whether your office has less than 15 employees or over 100, we are capable of designing a plan that works for your budget and minimizes downtime. We are always willing to do an on-site walkthrough with you to come up with an accurate estimate and then type up a written proposal. Furthermore, we always guarantee our prices.


Movers, Not Shakers has several specialized insurance policies, and we can generate a certificate of insurance for your building management. Our level of insurance, over 7 million dollars, will allow us into the top-tier buildings in the City, and protect your goods during the move. Please call us to discuss what your particular insurance needs may be, and we can detail several options from which you can make a clear, understandable choice that matches your needs.

Greener & Easier

In our effort to make moving across New York City easier we use our green bins. Our green bins allow you to move without generating 2-500 lbs. of cardboard waste. Furthermore, they nest when they are empty, and stack when they are full. We can provide a custom labeling system so you can parse out 2-3 bins per employee’s work space, they can pack, and we will be able to deliver them to the correct work space at the new location. After the move, simply empty them out, unless we are doing it (an available service), and we will come to you and pick them up when ready.

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