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No matter how complex your move may turn out to be, there are some things only true professionals can handle. With Mover Not Shakers and our team of Park Slope movers, your relocation to a new home will be a memory you will remember with a smile on your face.

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How you move is up to you

If you want to sleep tight, unbothered by thoughts of your upcoming relocation, you need to hire a crew of experienced movers who can smoothly relocate your property. You need a company with comprehensive services that can cover all your moving needs. Movers Not Shakers! is the company that has it all – from packing to unpacking, we will handle all the technical aspects of your move. Our team of Park Slope movers have the necessary skills, experience, staff, and equipment to take care of your property and transfer them to your new home in no time. Contact us today and schedule your moving day with one of the first Green New York Movers.

Tribeca movers from Movers Not Shakers in a truck

Be sure – Movers Not Shakers! is your safest bet

We have more than 20 years of experience and 20,000 moves under our belt, which goes to show that we have worked hard to improve our skills and gain the necessary knowledge to execute any type of relocation seamlessly. Every move in New York can be considered a challenging one. Still, with movers in Park Slope by your side, you will see that even the most complex move will turn into an easy one. Our Brooklyn movers are experienced enough to deal with any complication that may appear along the way.

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With over 20 years and 20,000 moves under our belt, Movers, Not Shakers! makes your move stress-free.

Our Park Slope movers are also green

What makes us stand out from other companies is that we are devoted to the protection of the environment. We possess trucks that run on bio-diesel fuel, and we use reusable bins instead of disposable cardboard boxes. As a result, we save more than 1000 trees every year. Moreover, we use locally sourced fuel by recycling used oil from NYC restaurants.

We take great pride in our team

On average, our employees have been working with us for about 8 years, and some of our team members have been with us for more than 18 years. We consider this sufficient proof of how well we treat our staff. For you, this means that our movers from Park Slope know New York City and its boroughs as the back of their palm, which makes navigating the city quite easy.

Move Green

We were NYC’s first green mover. We use biodiesel and reusable bins to minimize your carbon footprint.

Think Green

We save over 1,000 trees per year, and over our 20+ years moving people in NYC, that’s added up.

Be Green

We’ve completed over 20,000 moves using our green principles, and we don’t plan on stopping any time soon.

Efficiency is the word for our Park Slope moving company

Our team knows all traffic patterns, toll roads, tunnels, bridge restrictions, and neighborhood parking availability. You can be confident that we can navigate NYC without any problems or delays. As a result, punctuality is our middle name, which is also one of the main features of the best moving companies in Park Slope. Hence, no matter what obstacles we face along the way to your new destination, our drivers will know how to adapt, change the strategy, and find alternative routes to avoid wasting time.

MNS team removes the stress and hassle from moving

When moving, you must know about the building requirements if you want to ensure your move goes trouble-free. Since our Park Slope moving team has vast experience in the area, your local movers in NYC will either let you know immediately what your building rules are or tell you what exactly you need to check. This refers you the time when you are allowed to move in and out of the building, where we can park the truck, when we can use the elevator if there is one, as well as if there is a specific elevator intended for these instances, and more.

It is our duty and a mission to be ready for anything, so we can save your time and eliminate stress from the moving equation. After all, starting fresh in a new location should be an exciting time. There’s no need for it to be any different.

One of Financial District movers NYC with a stack of green reusable moving bins

Get the best services from MNS Park Slope movers

When you choose Movers Not Shakers! to handle your move, you will have a variety of services at your disposal. We know that there are no two identical relocations and that each one requires a unique approach. We will create a tailored moving plan for you and offer you a set of services that best fit your needs.

Move on Your Schedule

We’re ready to help you move tomorrow or next month. Just call our expert team!

Move Anywhere

Whether up the street or upstate, we’re ready to help you make it happen!

Move Without Hassle

We pack, unpack, transport, and more for a stress-free experience every time.

One of Lower East Side movers packing a reusable moving box

Let movers in Park Slope handle packing and unpacking

Our Park Slope moving team is here to pack your belongings swiftly, taking care of even the slightest details. The safety of your items is our top priority. It will be your decision whether you need us to pack everything or you wish to deal with some items yourself. Point in the direction you need, and we will handle everything expertly. We will make an inventory of your belongings and identify objects that require special treatment. This will help us estimate the time necessary for the move.

Packing supplies

Our company includes all the supplies as part of our professional packing services. Of course, we recommend using reusable bins, so your relocation can be as green as possible. However, we can still supply you with other packing materials as well. Also, after we unload your possessions, we can help you unpack and take care of your waste disposal.

One of Nolita movers packing a reusable MNS moving box

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With over 20 years and 20,000 moves under our belt, Movers, Not Shakers! makes your move stress-free.

Movers Lower Manhattan NYC on the job

Settle in Park Slope with MNS

It makes sense to hire us, your green moving company from NYC, when moving to Park Slope. We can describe this neighborhood by using only one word – green. Among the many benefits of living here, we can point out a lot of green areas which make it a perfect place for families with children. At the same time, this neighborhood is scattered with bars, making Park Slope a perfect place for nightlife. To top it all up, safety is something you won’t have to worry about when you move here. It is one of the safest and pretties neighborhoods NYC can offer, and it has it all.

Hire New York’s #1 green moving company and move effortlessly

Park Slope movers are your safest alternative when relocating in and out of New York City. You need the skillfulness, experience, adequate knowledge, trained personnel, and high-quality equipment and supplies for your move to go seamlessly. Movers Not Shakers! has it all. No matter how challenging a move may be, we are always ready to confront the most difficult situations and handle everything with utmost care. Get in touch with us today and rely on our Park Slope moving crew for a green and simple moving experience.

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With over 20 years and 20,000 moves under our belt, Movers, Not Shakers! makes your move stress-free.