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Movers Williamsburg NY residents trust the most are at your disposal at any time no matter the complexity and urgency of your relocation.

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If you are searching for the most reliable movers Williamsburg NY offers, Movers Not Shakers is the best place you could have landed while searching for the most trustworthy moving professionals. So, contact us at your convenience, get your moving quote, and move stress-free.

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Movers Not Shakers provide the best movers Williamsburg NY has ever had

Choosing the right moving company is the key to a successful relocation. It is half the work done when it comes to all moving tasks. The right Williamsburg movers will know exactly how to take care of your relocation from start to finish. They have enough experience and expertise to tackle even the most demanding relocation tasks. However, before hiring them, let us tell you something more about us. Namely, Movers Not Shakers is a company that stands out from others in numerous ways. We are the number one green moving company in New York and beyond, thanks to the trust that our appreciated customers have put into our moving services. We constantly develop our moving services to meet even the most complex relocation requirements and all that in the greenest way possible.

The highlight of our relocation brand is “Congreenience”a blend of ‘convenience’ and ‘green’ for which we earned a trademark. However, nothing of this would be possible if it weren’t for you – a true hero of our story. Your trust is the thing pushing us further into moving success. So, let’s continue this green-moving story together.

Top-notch moving services a few clicks away from you

With the right services, it can turn into a seamless and hassle-free experience. We provide elite moving services tailored to meet every unique need. Let’s dive into what’s on offer:

  • Residential moving: Whether you’re shifting to a new apartment or a house, our professionals handle your personal belongings with utmost care, ensuring safe and timely relocation.
  • Long distance moving: Covering vast distances, our movers ensure your possessions reach their new home, no matter how far, in pristine condition.
  • Local moving: Moving within the city? We guarantee a quick and efficient service that caters to your local shifting needs, making it a breeze.
  • Interstate moving: Crossing state lines can be complex, but with our expert team, all the regulatory and logistical challenges are handled, offering you a smooth transition. We offer NYC to Chicago movers and NY to FL moving services.
  • Packing services: Our trained packers employ the best materials and techniques to safeguard your items, ensuring they remain undamaged during transit.
  • Piano moving: Pianos are not just instruments; they are heirlooms. Our specialized team understands this and provides dedicated services to move your piano safely.

In essence, every aspect of your move, big or small, is just a few clicks away from being expertly managed. Experience the difference today!

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Movers Williamsburg NY will help you with commercial moves

Relocating a business requires precision, timeliness, and expertise – attributes that movers Williamsburg NY embody. Recognized as the best commercial movers NYC has, our team understands the intricacies and challenges of commercial relocation. With a reputation for reliability and efficiency, we prioritize minimal downtime and optimal re-setup for your business operations. But it’s not just about the move. In today’s age of environmental consciousness, we proudly offer green moving solutions. This eco-friendly approach not only reduces our carbon footprint but also provides businesses with a responsible and sustainable way to move. Using recyclable packing materials, energy-efficient transportation, and waste-reducing practices, we align your move with global sustainability efforts.

Choosing our green moving solutions positions your business as an eco-conscious entity, enhancing your brand image among your stakeholders. With movers Williamsburg NY offers, you don’t just move; you progress towards a greener, brighter future for your business and the planet.

Storage services are at your disposal

When space becomes a luxury or transition periods demand temporary safekeeping, storage services emerge as a lifesaver. Movers Not Shakers provides the best storage units Brooklyn has. Dedicated to meeting diverse storage needs, we offer both short-term solutions for those in-between moves and long-term options for individuals or businesses requiring extended periods of safekeeping. But what sets us apart further is our commitment to sustainability. Recognizing the environmental toll of single-use packing materials, we provide eco-friendly reusable moving bins for storage. These bins, not only robust and secure, reduce waste, making your storage choice a nod to environmental responsibility. With Movers Not Shakers, you don’t just get a space to store your valuables; you get a promise of safety, flexibility, and an eco-conscious approach. Our top-tier storage services are always at your disposal, ensuring your belongings are protected and the planet is respected.

Special moving services you can opt for when hiring movers Williamsburg NY

In the bustling cityscape of NYC, moving demands can vary immensely. Catering to these diverse needs, we have honed their services to stand out. Here’s a glimpse of the unique offerings you can opt for:

  • 24/7 Moving Services: Moving doesn’t always fit neatly into business hours. For those midnight or early morning transitions, around-the-clock services have you covered.
  • Small Moving Solutions: Not every move is a major one. For smaller, more delicate relocations, specialized services cater specifically to limited-item shifts.
  • Last-Minute Moving: Spur of the moment decisions or unforeseen circumstances can necessitate urgent moves. Last-minute services ensure you’re never left stranded.

Meet Williamsburg

With a bustling population of 143,290, Williamsburg stands as a microcosm of urban life in Brooklyn. The area showcases a dense urban feel, characterized by its close-knit housing stock and the immediate proximity of various amenities. A reflection of its popularity and growth, the median home value in Williamsburg towers at $1,040,386, significantly surpassing the national average of $244,900. Rental spaces dominate the landscape, with 84% of residents choosing to rent, reflected in a median rent of $1,860, again notably higher than the national average of $1,163. Only 16% opt for ownership, painting a picture of a dynamic, transient, and urban community.


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Navigating the moving maze in Williamsburg, NY, requires top-tier expertise. When you contact us, you’re not just hiring movers; you’re securing a partnership with the best movers Williamsburg NY boasts. With a reputation built on trust, precision, and unmatched customer service, we stand ready to transform your moving experience. Whether it’s a residential shift or a large-scale commercial relocation, our team ensures a seamless transition. Don’t leave your move to chance; opt for the excellence, dedication, and professionalism we consistently deliver. Reach out today and elevate your moving journey with the finest movers Williamsburg has to offer.


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