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How you move is up to you

Have you been seeking help from a moving company that you felt you could trust, but have found yourself overwhelmed with the feeling of insecurity about which one to choose? If so, you should rejoice, for you have found your way to one of the most reliable Nolita movers out there! Movers Not Shakers! are here to ensure that your relocation is effortless and efficient. As our name suggests, we will take and treat your belongings with care when the moving day comes. Furthermore, we can help you with almost any aspect of the moving process. Just call us as soon as you decide to move! We will take it on from there.

Nolita movers standing outside holding reusable plastic moving containers

MNS Nolita movers make your needs our business

Step aside, for this is our job! Variations of this sentence are one of the things that you can expect to hear when you decide to hire Nolita movers to help you with your residential move. After all, we really are here to ensure that your relocation is swift and as undemanding on you as possible. Therefore, we are going to take charge of all aspects of the move that otherwise might require your involvement.

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With over 20 years and 20,000 moves under our belt, Movers, Not Shakers! makes your move stress-free.

Secure help from highly trained movers

Making sure that the people helping you with your Nolita move are experts in their field is crucial to the success of the relocation. Otherwise, you can find yourself being serviced by guys who could inflict more damage to the whole process of your relocation than help you move with congreenience – effortlessly and in an eco-free way.

The good news is that in our moving company, we take training very seriously. After all, by providing proper training to our staff, we do make sure that our customers are happy with our performance, that our employees are going to remain safe throughout the process, and ultimately, that we are going to be quick about our business. In essence, the training program that we came up with helps keep both our customers’ moves and our performance on the right track. And that is what you should insist on when hiring a moving company.

Next Day or Next Month, We’re Ready to Move

We know timing is important, especially in New York. Our expert crew is ready to make even the most complex move easy.

Local or Long-Distance, Let’s Get Moving!

We’re based in Brooklyn and can help you with local moves around NYC or long-distance moves in or out of the city.

Packing, Unpacking, Storage and More

For over 20 years and 20,000 moves, Movers, Not Shakers! makes your move stress-free – with as little or as much help as you need.

How does moving with movers from Nolita work

Sometimes people decide against hiring professional long distance movers to help them relocate simply because they fear the process of hiring the right moving company might be too complicated. However, we are here to prove them wrong.

In order to hire a moving company of your liking, what you need to do is pretty straightforward:

  • Make sure to decide when you want to move and where you want to go to
  • Think about the moving services you would be interested in obtaining
  • Call us so we can start working on your moving strategy
  • Receive a free moving estimate and decide whether to hire us or not
  • Give us a green light, and we will take it from there

The outcome is going to be exactly what you would expect it to be – a successful relocation in both your and our eyes.

movers not shakers Nolita movers truck

Why hire our moving company

We have already touched upon the topic of proper training that we provide our employees with. However, this is not the sole reason why you should hire us.

One of professional Nolita movers wearing a Movers, Not Shakers! T-shirt and carrying a box

One of the common reasons why people decide against hiring professional movers is their fear of spending too much money on relocation. This is a justified fear for sure. However, its placement is wrong.

Most commonly, people spend too much money on their moves when they decide to conduct them themselves. Why? Well, because people lack the knowledge needed to go about their relocations in efficient ways.

Professional movers from Nolita have the experience needed to safely see moves through. This means that not only have we provided our employees with training, but we have also given them the right set of tools for the job.

Secondly, professional last-minute movers like us have packing materials in abundant quantities. And we are not afraid to use as many of them as necessary. This way, you can be certain that your items are going to survive the move unscathed.

Moreover, you can get our reusable plastic moving bins for your ultimate congreenience! Not only are they more convenient, but they also reduce packing waste dramatically and make your move a lot more environmentally friendly.

Add to that the fleet of reliable moving trucks that run on biodiesel fuel and our punctuality and you are left with more than enough reasons to call us to help you out!

One of Nolita movers packing a reusable MNS moving box

Move Green

We’re the first Green New York movers. Our trucks run on bio-diesel fuel, and we use reusable bins instead of boxes.

Save Trees

Our reusable bins save over 80 pounds of cardboard with each move and save more than 1,000 trees each year.


We have successfully completed over 20,000 moves since 2002. Stress-free move no matter the situation.

We offer insurance as well

One of the things that we need to mention is the insurance. Movers Not Shakers! is one of the moving companies from New York City that can offer different levels of moving insurance. If you are still fearful about the future of your items, you should choose an insurance level that is going to put your mind at ease.

Nolita movers in front of a Movers Not Shakers truck

Hire your Nolita movers as soon as you can

As you have seen, Movers Not Shakers! represents one of the most reliable moving companies from Manhattan. We are one of the local moving companies that the residents of New York trust the most. Plus, we can help you with other moving needs you might have. Our highly trained crews can help you move to different states, help you pack your belongings, or even help you store them in one of our storage units. Add to that the option of buying insurance for your items and you can rest assured that your move is going to be a textbook one!

Lastly, let us point out that moving is a seasonal industry. So, make sure to give us a call as soon as you decide to move. You would not want to miss an opportunity of hiring one of the top Nolita movers solely because someone was quicker to dial the number. The crew at Movers Not Shakers! is awaiting your call.

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With over 20 years and 20,000 moves under our belt, Movers, Not Shakers! makes your move stress-free.