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Moving is stressful. From taking apart furniture to redirecting mail, the process feels daunting. At Movers, Not Shakers! our moving experience is designed to reduce stress, custom-fit your needs, and do it all in a way that benefits the planet. Just let us know what items to move, the number of moving boxes, locations for pickup and drop-off, and whether you need packing materials (or if we can pack for you). We use this information to create an easy flat fee for the job.

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We’ve been moving in New York City for over 20 years and provide a safe, eco-friendly service. Lessen the stress of the moving experience by working with professional movers!

Moving and Storage Services

Moving Day

To start your moving day on the right foot, we call you half an hour before we arrive. Our foreman will explain the insurance policies that are in place, go through all the paperwork with you, and get the lay of the land for the movers.
For our average crew of three, two movers will begin preparing furniture by removing furniture legs and professionally wrapping your furniture to avoid any damage. The third will begin staging moving boxes to go out. Since all prep work is done in advance, the move will be as efficient as possible. Since we charge a flat fee instead of an hourly fee, you can rest assured that the move will be quick.
When we arrive at the destination, our crew will put legs back on furniture, unbox mirrors and pictures, and place everything in the right rooms. We’re happy to finish off your moving day by unpacking the rest of the way for you. If you’d prefer to do it yourself though, we’ll take our reusable moving supplies with us. You won’t need to worry about taking them to the trash.

Packing Improvements

Packing is an exhausting process, and gathering everything up in a cohesive way on your own might take days. Having moving boxes sitting in your house as you try to pack up piecemeal isn’t something you have to do. Professional movers like Movers Not Shakers can expedite the process, saving you both time and money while providing other packing benefits.

Movers Not Shakers Packing Options

One reason to hire a professional mover like Movers Not Shakers is being able to pick the packing option that works best for you. At Movers Not Shakers, we offer three packing services: full packing, partial packing, and unpacking. For all three, our skilled employees can transport your things and move them where you want them to be. Plus, we provide reusable bins for moving.
For full packing, we put your smaller items in moving boxes. This includes books, clothes, dishes, toys, and any other loose, small items. This is something we offer not just for moving, but for renovations. Need everything in a single room packed up neatly and efficiently? Let our crew handle that so you can focus on renovating.
For partial packing, our crew will still box up large, fragile items like mirrors and wrap furniture. This is included with every move.
Finally, for unpacking, we make sure everything is in the right room. You’ll find your dishes in the kitchen and your books on their shelves. With professional movers, all packing and unpacking is done in a safe and organized way.

Damage Protection

An important part of any move is protecting your belongings. Without professional movers, you might need to purchase expensive moving supplies like bubble wrap and tape. Costs only rise when you have to buy single-use boxes for moving and get a U-Haul rental. Plus, the risk of damage is higher.
Professional movers are used to moving unique objects like televisions and glass cabinets, so we have our own equipment and boxes to help us move things safely. Being able to trust your mover greatly relieves the stress of the move.
Additionally, every move with Movers Not Shakers includes insurance—something you don’t have when you’re moving things on your own.

Mandated Insurance

Many apartment buildings in NYC require every mover to have a Certificate of Insurance (COI), a document that outlines insurance policies and conditions. Choosing professional movers means this is already covered. Plus, Movers Not Shakers is insured, which means we’re approved to work in NYC buildings with strict moving restrictions.

Supplemental Insurance

Released value (RV) insurance is automatically included in the moving fees of every credentialed New York City moving company. RV insurance offers cargo coverage based on weight, covering no more than 60 cents ($0.60) per pound, per article.
You can also purchase full value insurance. This covers 100% of the replacement value for lost or damaged items.

Affordable Movers NYC


Moving can be rough on your body and the process can be dangerous. Heavy lifting can cause injury if done incorrectly, and single-use boxes for moving can be flimsy. Driving a U-Haul rental through NYC streets without incident can also be a tough ask.

Professional movers are trained to avoid damages and injuries. Our crews also take care of the driving without the added complications of a U-Haul rental. By using professional movers, you can relax while the dangerous parts of the process are taken care of.

Eco-Friendly Services

There are many ways professional movers like Movers Not Shakers can make the moving process more eco-friendly. At Movers Not Shakers we recycle electronics and donate clothes that you don’t want to take with you on the move. If you have any large furniture items that you’re looking to donate, we work directly with organizations who reuse the items or dispose of them properly.

We also look for ways to be kind to the planet with our moving supplies. When you move with Movers Not Shakers, you don’t need to purchase any single-use items. We provide reusable plastic bins for moving, we move everything where it needs to be, and we unpack the boxes if you want us to. If we’re not unpacking for you, we’ll drop off your items in our eco-friendly reusable bins. After you unpack, we’ll come pick the bins up at your convenience!
Green washing is another environmental practice we use. This means we wash our trucks with recycled gray water—non-sewage wastewater from New York City’s sinks, baths, and laundry machines.

Our Moving Experience at Your Side

At Movers Not Shakers, we want your moving experience to be free of stress. As licensed professional movers, we can safely and efficiently handle any job. We offer VIP service at flat rates and can help make your move a better experience.
If you or a friend are ready for a smooth and eco-friendly move within New York City, contact us online or call (800) 718-0081.

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