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How you move is up to you

Are you ready to embrace the challenge of relocating? When being a resident of NYC the challenge only gets bigger. You need Movers Not Shakers! if you want to achieve success. Hence, rely on Queens movers and its team of trained staff to make your relocation as seamless as possible. We have experience, skills, knowledge, necessary equipment, and staff you can count on. Contact us today and head straight for success with the best team by your side.

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What makes Movers Not Shakers! one of the best companies?

First of all, the experience we have is worthy of your attention. For more than 20 years we have been doing our job meticulously. With more than 20,000 moves we consider that our company has gained the necessary knowledge and experience. Each client has our complete attention. No matter how complex your relocation may be your movers in Queens will turn it into the easy one.

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With over 20 years and 20,000 moves under our belt, Movers, Not Shakers! makes your move stress-free.

Discover the Charm of Queens for Your Next Move

Explore the allure of Queens as your next residential destination. Boasting affordable housing options in comparison to Manhattan and Brooklyn, Queens stands out as one of the best places to live in New York for both young professionals and families. This borough offers family-friendly neighborhoods, high-quality public schools, and a diverse population, creating a vibrant and welcoming community. Choose Queens for a comfortable and enriching living experience, where affordability meets quality, making it an ideal choice for those seeking a balance between city living and family-friendly environments.


Generally speaking, life in NYC is fast. Wherever you plan to go delay is not an option. Hence, rely on our local movers NYC to perform all the tasks on time and transport your belongings to the final destination. Knowing the routes is of great importance in handling your relocation in a rapid manner. Well, be certain our drivers know the alternate routes. Thus, you will have your things on time.

Expertise in Local Moves in Queens

Navigating the local landscape of Queens requires a special kind of expertise, and Queens Movers is well-versed in it. Our local moving services are tailored to ensure a smooth and swift relocation within Queens. Whether you’re moving your residence or require specialty moves like pianos, our experienced team has got you covered. We understand the unique challenges and opportunities presented by moving within the borough, and our proficiency ensures a hassle-free move. Choose Queens Movers for an expert approach to local moves.

Neighborhood and building restrictions

Whatever neighborhood you opt for our experts know each area and plan the relocation according to the situation. We observe parking and narrow streets. Furthermore, we take into account building restrictions that may influence the relocation. Narrow hallways, tight corners, and elevator restrictions may be of great importance on a moving day. Here comes our experience and knowledge that we use to save you the trouble of researching these things on your own.

Move Green

We’re the first Green New York movers. Our trucks run on bio-diesel fuel, and we use reusable bins instead of boxes.

Save Trees

Our reusable bins save over 80 pounds of cardboard with each move and save more than 1,000 trees each year.


We have successfully completed over 20,000 moves since 2002. Stress-free move no matter the situation.

Green is what you need

Believe us, going green is the best decision we have made. The positive influence on the environment and the people themselves is enormous. Our trucks run on biodiesel from local sources. Recycling used oil in NYC restaurants is the source we are proud of. Thus, feel free to use our reusable plastic bins and give a contribution to saving our environment. For instance Movers Not Shakers! save more than 1,000 trees every year. Not to mention the cardboard.

Leading the Way in Social Responsibility

At Movers Not Shakers, we prioritize social responsibility by ensuring that all our workers earn a living wage. This commitment translates into cohesive and experienced teams that have worked together for years, ensuring the utmost efficiency and care during your move. When your movers are well taken care of, you can trust that your belongings will receive the same level of attention and consideration. Our dedication to both our team and our clients sets us apart, making us a reliable choice for your move where social responsibility and excellence go hand in hand.

Moving Supplies for a Green Move

Make your move environmentally conscious with our thoughtfully curated moving supplies. From sturdy boxes and reliable tape to reusable furniture covers, we provide everything you need to protect your belongings during the relocation process. Embrace sustainability by opting for our reusable bins, which not only offer enhanced protection but also contribute to a greener move. Movers Not Shakers is committed to minimizing the environmental impact of your move, making it both efficient and eco-friendly. Choose our moving supplies to embark on a greener and more responsible moving journey in the heart of New York City.

Queens Movers offer extraordinary services

Our company offers a variety of moving and storage services of the highest quality. Besides residential moves that can be both local and executed throughout the East Coast, we also offer commercial moves, packing, and storage services. You are left to opt for the best services you need. You can even rely on small movers NYC which can also diminish the costs.

Local moving

Moving through New York is so complex that only true professionals can handle it meticulously and on time. Thus, contact our Movers Not Shakers! and your relocation will end up without difficulties of any kind. Our drivers have the experience and know the NYC area perfectly. Hence, they will make a quick estimate depending on the current situation.

What do we know?

Well, the basic stuff our residential movers NYC know will serve you well on a moving day in order to avoid losing precious time.

  • alternate routes
  • traffic patterns
  • toll roads
  • tunnels
  • bridge restrictions
  • neighborhood parking availability

Experience Matters: Long Distance Moves with Queens Movers

Moving long distances can be challenging, but with Queens Movers, you’re in capable hands. Our expertise in handling Long Distance Moves ensures continuity and reliable services. We understand the complexities involved in moving across larger distances, and our seasoned team excels at swiftly delivering your belongings. You can trust the same crew to handle various aspects of your move, from packing to loading and unloading. Queens Movers makes long-distance moves a breeze.

Seamless Interstate Moves

Navigating the complexities of interstate moves requires a special touch, and Movers Not Shakers is here to provide the expertise you need. Recognizing that every moving project demands attention, our skilled team excels in handling the additional challenges that come with moving across state lines. From meticulous preparation and packing to ensuring the safe transportation of your belongings, we guarantee a fast and smooth relocation experience. Our reputation as the best assistance for interstate moves in NYC is endorsed by residents who have benefited from our dedicated movers. Trust us to listen to your unique requirements and suggest the most efficient plan for your interstate relocation.

Packing and Unpacking

We are certain you may pack the items yourself. Nevertheless, packing is a tiresome procedure. Hence, use our packing services NYC and rest assured our personnel will take special care of your possession. Whatever items we need to transport we will be ready. Our team has experience with moving valuables, pianos, precious pieces of art, etc. Though we advise you to use our reusable plastic bins we can also provide moving supplies NYC. All in accordance with your needs. In case you need help with the unpacking process we are at your disposal.


If you are in need of a place where your things will be safe until you need them again storage services NYC is your solution. Our team will transport your items to the warehouse and be certain they will be safe there. When you need them again we are ready to deliver them to your home. Remember that we can keep your things in our storage unit as long as you need that. Even for longer periods of time.

Last minute moves

Though we recommend careful planning of your move unpredictable situations do occur. Be that as it may, Movers Not Shakers are ready to find the right solution in case you need last-minute move. Rest assured that the expenses won’t increase significantly as long as you opt for a move during normal business hours. Also, if you book us earlier in advance we can guarantee lower costs and availability. This is especially related to commercial movers NYC. Booking on time is an important condition for excellent future results.

Residential Moving with a Personal Touch

Experience the joy of moving into your new home while our friendly NYC residential movers handle the rest. Our commitment to affordable pricing, coupled with over two decades of experience in residential and commercial moves, positions us as your go-to choice for a seamless transition. We understand the importance of budget considerations and strive to provide cost-effective moving solutions without compromising on quality. Let our dedicated team take care of every aspect of your residential move, ensuring a stress-free and efficient process that aligns with your budgetary needs. Move forward with Movers Not Shakers for a reliable and personalized residential moving experience in New York City.

Quality Commercial Moves in Queens

When it comes to commercial moves, Queens Movers stands out as a reliable choice. We specialize in planning and executing efficient commercial relocations. Our experienced team knows the intricacies of moving a business, from minimizing downtime to ensuring a smooth transition. Trust us to handle your office move with the professionalism and expertise that your business deserves. Queens Movers, your partner for quality commercial moves in Queens.

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Why Choose Queens Movers for Your Relocation?

Are you searching for the ideal partner for your relocation? Look no further than Queens Movers! Our exceptional track record, extensive experience, and unwavering commitment to your satisfaction make us the top choice for your move. When you choose us, you’re opting for a reliable partner dedicated to providing you with the utmost in experience, skills, efficiency, affordability, and flexibility. We aim to not only meet your expectations but exceed them. Queens Movers, a name you can trust for a smooth and stress-free relocation. Contact us today and experience the difference!

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