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Last-Minute Moves

No time to plan your move in detail? No problem! Movers Not Shakers! has got your back. Find our how last minute movers NYC residents trust can help you relocate in no time.

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How you move is up to you

Moving can be stressful, and booking last minute movers NYC residents recommend be a game-time decision. Whether you’re looking for movers at the last possible moment because you must relocate unexpectedly or your previous mover canceled on you, Movers Not Shakers is here for you. We offer complete moving service with a professionally trained team, all while maintaining good communication with you. With flexible hours and fair pricing, we can find a manageable solution. And since planning a last-minute move is more stressful than a regular one, our team will try to alleviate that in the best way possible. From now on, you can be sure that you and your household are in safe hands.

Booking NYC movers on short notice

The key thing to consider is flexibility from both sides. We know that trying to fit a move into your daily life can be way too complicated. Not everyone has the luxury to do so, and that is why we want to help you out. With a bit of flexibility on pricing and timing, we can always find a suitable solution.

Most importantly, we work with you to figure out the best solution. We’ll make sure to ask you everything we need to know beforehand so we can give you an accurate quote. Good communication is crucial in business, and the moving industry is no exception. We will gladly answer all your questions as we want you to know what is going on at all times so we can clear out all your doubts and anxieties. You can trust us when we say: we’ll never let you down.

Sunset Park movers in a truck

Communication: Stay Informed Every Step of the Way

Moving anywhere is intimidating enough; you do not want to add the worries of your belongings. Opt for the most transparently communicating same day movers in Brooklyn that keeps you looped in through calls and e-mails. Stay aware of the status of your goods at all times and plan to settle in the city peacefully while Movers, Not Shakers safely transports your belongings.

Our Moving Methods are Eco-Friendly

Movers, Not Shakers is an environment-first moving company. As a #1 green moving company, we ensure that even your last-minute moves in NYC have a low carbon footprint. Our packing and unpacking experts use streamlined processes to maximize the reuse of sustainably sourced packing material. Even for emergency movers, we use biodiesel-powered vehicles to make last-minute moves in NYC as low impactful as possible.

Affordable & Experienced Moving Service

The biggest fear of same-day movers is being charged extra for the convenience. With Movers Not Shakers’ standardized and affordable pricing you can be assured that quality or affordability will not be compromised. Our same-day movers in Brooklyn and NYC are equipped with the right tools and resources to efficiently manage emergency moves. Having served in diverse neighborhoods of New York, our skilled movers deliver the highest quality services and help our customers navigate the challenge.

Moving and Storage Services

Call us to get a free estimate for your move

Before you contact us, gather as much information about your move as you can. The more information we have about your situation and what you need to move, the more accurate a quote we can give. Having the option to get a free estimate from your movers is very beneficial. It will allow you to estimate your moving budget more accurately. Our mission is to help you be prepared and eliminate big surprises on your moving day.

Still, we understand that you may not have an inventory list or are unsure what exactly you need. Perhaps it’s unclear whether you need 20 moving boxes or 40 moving boxes. We’ll tell you in advance what charges or cost savings you’ll receive if the services you require differ from what you estimated. And our team members will always be available to help you with any doubts. We all work together to make this move happen in the best possible way.

Remember that in our book, last-minute reservation does not mean our services increase in price. The cost of booking last minute will likely be the same as booking any other time. But in order to make it clearer for you, you should know the main factors that impact the price: the moving distance, meaning how far away we are taking you, and the weight of your cargo. The more you carry, the more space and materials we will need, which will increase the price.

However, the price may also depend on your flexibility and availability. If we’re at capacity, you might need to pay more. This is because we may need to rent an additional truck or incur other one-off costs with a last-minute move. If the move is during the night, this will also cost more due to overtime pay.

Movers Lower Manhattan NYC on the job

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With over 20 years and 20,000 moves under our belt, Movers, Not Shakers! makes your move stress-free.

The issues when hiring last minute movers NYC offers

The main issue you could run into with a last-minute move is that moving companies might no longer have availability. That is the main reason why you should hire your movers before the time comes for you to leave your old home. But real life is unpredictable, and things happen. No matter why you are looking for last minute movers in NYC, we will do our best to help you out.

Be aware that things get busy at the end of the month, and our busiest period covers the summer months. January through March is the slowest period for moving, and this period is also the cheapest. Make sure to keep busy moving periods in mind, as the time of year might mean you’ll need to be extra flexible in hiring movers on short notice. Depending on the moving season, you can also see some changes in the moving prices.

Move on Your Schedule

We’re ready to help you move tomorrow or next month. Just call our expert team!

Move Anywhere

Whether up the street or upstate, we’re ready to help you make it happen!

Move Without Hassle

We pack, unpack, transport, and more for a stress-free experience every time.

With our comprehensive moving services, your last minute relocation in NYC will be a breeze

The feeling of rush and fear that you won’t make it on time make last-minute moves extra challenging. We can help you create a solid moving plan which will put your mind at ease and mitigate anxiety. As a full-service moving company, we can do it all for you. From packing your entire household, through placing your items in storage, to unpacking, we can do it all for you no matter when you booked your move, any time and day of the year.

Returning Clientele: A Testimony to Our Commitment

Is your search for last-minute movers near me not giving you reliable results for moving across New York? Movers, Not Shakers’ returning customers from Brooklyn, Bronx, Staten Island, Manhattan, and beyond are a testimony of our excellence in the industry. With competitive pricing and skilled emergency movers in NY, we are a leading moving company with 20 years of experience and 20,000 successful transitions and counting. Our commitment to superior and sustainable services taking away the relocation stress from our clients differentiates us from the sea of movers in the region.

One of Financial District movers NYC with a stack of green reusable moving bins

Even our Same Day Moves are Insured

We prioritize the safety and security of our customers. Our emergency movers go above and beyond to keep your belongings secure with advanced packing techniques. In addition Movers, Not Shakers’ insurance rider is worth $7 million covering all moves of our patrons. The comprehensive insurance coverage gives you the utmost sense of security at the times of last-minute moves in NYC. Our BBB accreditation allows you to verify our credentials. Witness the sources of our confidence by trusting us for your next same-day move to Brooklyn.

Gathering moving supplies last minute

Don’t get too worried about having to collect moving supplies last minute: MNS has all the tools and packing supplies that any move would need, whether we do the packing or you do. If you’re doing your own packing, make sure you have markers, bubble pack, tape, and boxes of various sizes to help you pack fast. You can also get creative with what you use to pack. For instance, you can use trash cans and bags to move things and wrap fragile items in towels and clothes instead of bubble wrap.

Packing last minute

Packing can be one of the most despised parts of the moving process for a lot of people. It takes so much time. Not only that, but it can also turn your home into a mess. To top it all off, you might damage something, especially if you are in a rush. All of that will waste a lot of your energy.

Thankfully, you can hire our packing service, and some of the fastest last minute movers in NYC will take over. With only the top quality materials, our trained movers will protect and pack each of your items and every piece of furniture. No matter how big or small. Your home will be ready for transport in no time. Plus, you can take advantage of our reusable plastic moving bins and make your relocation not only swift but also significantly greener.

Getting a storage unit

Storage can be a handy solution when moving last minute in NYC and when moving in general. With our storage services, you can be certain that all your items are safe until you are ready to take them to your new home. You can get our short-term storage unit services until you settle into our new home and make space for everything. Or, if you realize that you have too much stuff you can’t fit anywhere, you can go for our long-term storage solutions and keep your new home mess-free.

A reusable moving bin representing last minute movers NYC

As with everything we do, we take pride in our storage facilities. Everything is monitored, and we guarantee the safety of your belongings.

Our Company Uses the Best Equipment

Last minute moves can be ridden with inefficient planning, inadequate planning, and supplies. However, that’s not the case with exceptionally skilled professionals, streamlined processes, and top-quality equipment of Movers, Not Shakers. Our same-day movers are trained for high-speed planning and maintaining sustainable practices whatever your moving needs and timeline. Our commitment to customer satisfaction and green practices for residential and business relocations makes us the most trusted last-minute moving company in NYC.

Move Green

We were NYC’s first green mover. We use biodiesel and reusable bins to minimize your carbon footprint.

Think Green

We save over 1,000 trees per year, and over our 20+ years moving people in NYC, that’s added up.

Be Green

We’ve completed over 20,000 moves using our green principles, and we don’t plan on stopping any time soon.

No matter where you are going, Movers Not Shakers is here for you

With our local and interstate moving services, you can move anywhere you want and be assured you will be provided with a top-notch service. Our experienced team will help you not only with the technical aspect of the relocation but they will also advise you on the paperwork and other tasks related to your move.

While it is hard to organize everything at the last minute, we will do whatever we can to meet your moving needs, whether you are moving long distance or just down the street. It will be our pleasure to do business with you and make your move stress free.

With Movers Not Shakers and some of the best last minute movers NYC has by your side, you won’t have to worry about cancellations or getting your items damaged or lost. Years of our experience speak for themselves, as do the reviews we get from our clients. We are proud of our work and hope you can see you can rely on us completely.

Make your NYC last-minute move easy with Movers Not Shakers

No matter how much time you have to move your home to a new location, Movers Not Shakers will be there to provide you with the best possible service at the most affordable rates. Last-minute moves can be stressful, but as long as you’re flexible, we can make you feel almost as if you had everything planned months in advance. Don’t hesitate to get in touch and request a free quote. Some of the best last minute movers NYC offers will happily answer all your questions and figure out the combination of services that perfectly match your needs and budget.

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With over 20 years and 20,000 moves under our belt, Movers, Not Shakers! makes your move stress-free.