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Frequently Asked Questions

How do you quote?

We offer VIP service at a midrange cost. Once we get your inventory, we evaluate the below factors and give you a price. If your circumstances remain the same, so will the quote.

The factors are:

  1. The size of the move
  2. The size of the furniture (every coffee table is different)
  3. Elevator or walkup? If walk up, how many flights?
  4. Distance between the two points
  5. Amount of dis/re-assembly required
  6. Long Carry

What can we expect?

As a customer of Movers, Not Shakers!, you can count on us to do our very best in every situation to make sure your goods are handled with care. We take many steps to reduce waste, reduce stress, and make your move easy and stress-free. If you have any specific questions please call us: (718) 243-0221

What is a certificate of insurance?

We are an insured and licensed moving company. However, your building may require us to present that information in the form of a “Certificate of Insurance.” It is a legal form that needs to include information held by the building, the staff of which either gives that information to you to forward to us, or provides it directly to us, depending on the amount of legal verbiage involved. The document indemnifies the building in the unlikely event something occurs during the move.

What is an appropriate timeline to follow?

Once you’ve signed your lease or closed on your new home or apartment, here are some good general guidelines to follow to help make your move go smoothly.

One month out:

  1. Decide whether you are going to keep or get rid of any furniture, and if you are buying new, place your orders early.
  2. If you are disposing of items or furniture, please do so responsibly.
  3. Take measurements, and make sure everything fits.
  4. Update your voter registration.
  5. Gather all your important docs and financials.
  6. Shop around for the best deals on cable/TV/internet bundles.

Two weeks out:

  1. Send out a moving announcement.
  2. Change your address with loan providers, credit cards, banks, payroll at work.
  3. Check you homeowners or renters insurance policy. Change the address and see if the move is covered by the policy. If not, give us a call to discuss insurance for your move. Note: All moves are covered for damage at the rate of $0.60 per lb., per article, at no additional charge.
  4. Clean any outdoor furniture.
  5. Drop off rugs.

One week out:

  1. Donate any unwanted food.
  2. Redirect any subscriptions.
  3. Clean your current home for the next resident.
  4. Make sure nothing is too “tucked away” to make it easy to miss.
  5. Prepare (walls) for a final walk-through with building management.
  6. Pack an essentials bin for everything you’ll want in the first 24 hours in your new place.
  7. Withdraw cash to tip your movers. (Not going to sugarcoat it, 15-20% is customary in NYC, thank you.)
  8. If you want, and you can, clean your new place.

Moving Day:

  1. Set your alarm and connect with your movers. They are busy too, and may not be able to call you, even if they intend to.
  2. Protect your floors and carpets, if you can.
  3. Make your bed and unpack toiletries! Shower and a nap, mmm.
  4. Thank your real estate agent or broker! A little “thank you” goes a long way, and they worked hard for you.

That’s it for now. This list could be much longer, but hopefully you get the idea, and again, if you have any questions, call us: (718) 243-0221. We are big on communication; it makes the move go smoother!

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