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The Importance of Using Green Cleaning Products

Cleaning products are a ubiquitous part of our lives; however, how often do you think about the effects of using conventional products? Most individuals and businesses do not put any thought into the product they are using outside of its effectiveness and cost.

Cleaning has become much like throwing away trash; Out of sight, out of mind. However, just because conventional cleaning products are out of sight does not mean that they won’t have an impact on the environment or your personal health.

Moving Tips for Your First NYC Move

Moving into Manhattan for the first time is a very special event in your life, you only get to do it once. I’m not going to say “Don’t screw it up”, because there’s a lot of joy associated with this move, and it would be heavy handed to temper that joy with a severe parental tone, since for a lot of us, that’s exactly what we might be escaping! However this move is nothing like any move you’ve ever made in your life. 

We know why we’re GREEN, but what’s in it for you?

Since 2007, we’ve been running all of our trucks on BioDiesel (and some of that BioDiesel might make it into a rental truck or 5 at the end of the month when we’re busy), and we’ve been delivering clean reusable bins to our customers to pack in since 2007 as well. BioDiesel cuts tailpipe emissions by 80%. As far as the bins, we’ve probably not used between 100,000 and a quarter million boxes in the last eleven years. And we are going to not use a whole lot more in the future! But what does all this tree hugging activity do for you, the customer?

Why Movers, Not Shakers! Uses Bins Instead of Boxes and Tape

It's rather revolutionary using bins instead of boxes for moving. Given that packing materials are one of the biggest polluters in the moving industry, our bins save you money and help the environment. If you were wondering where the idea came from, it came to founder Mark Ehrhardt in a quintessential New York moment: sitting in traffic.