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New York City Moving Certificate of Insurance

The sprawling skyline of New York City is made up of many magnificent buildings spread across unique neighborhoods. To maintain and protect these buildings, there are certain maintenance regulations put in place by property managers and owners. They use legal agreements to ensure tenants and their colleagues respect these rules, often coming in the form of a certificate of insurance or COI.

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Explaining a Certificate of Insurance

A COI in New York City offers proof to building managers that tenants and their moving teams are properly insured. This ensures that the building’s owners will not be held liable for anything that goes wrong during a move. The COI also proves that a company provides workers’ compensation. The building owner nor the tenants will be responsible for expenses related to moving injuries.

A COI is different from apartment insurance due to the level of coverage. A New York City moving company’s policy will apply to things that impact the entire building, like a broken elevator or damaged pipe. Most renters or homeowners insurance only covers things happening to personal property or within a unit.

Many New York City building managers will not even let movers onto the property without a COI, even during smaller moves. Whether a crew is moving in an entire apartment’s worth of belongings, or just delivering a new couch, building employees will want to know that management will not be responsible for damage. Not every property requires these documents. They are most common in buildings with elevators–like high-rise apartments–and buildings owned by larger property management groups. They aren’t as common in low-rise buildings without elevators or those that are privately owned. Tenants should contact their landlords or building managers to know if they will need a COI.

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Certificate of Insurance Benefits

A COI proves that a New York City moving company is professional, legally registered, and accredited. It offers accident coverage to property, pieces of furniture, or anything else that could be damaged. If an accident happens, a mover will not be responsible for the cost. NYC moving companies should have this information ready for clients to provide peace of mind before the job. Movers Not Shakers will provide this information up front, just ask!

Information Needed for a Certificate of Insurance

Certificate of insurance forms need basic details about the moving team and the insurance groups they work with. The documents must confirm that a moving insurance policy covers the level of liability and loss required by a building’s management or owners. This amount will vary based on where someone is moving to, but most buildings require around $1-$2 million in coverage. There are many sample COIs online that offer a glimpse at what to expect. The forms typically ask for basic information that include:

  • Date an insurance policy was issued
  • Summary of the COI
  • Insurance agent or broker who issued the COI
  • Name and address of the person or business covered by the COI
  • Description of movers operations, locations, and vehicles
  • Signatures by the agent, broker, or authorized representative

Since most New York City buildings are managed by different owners and management companies, there are different insurance requirements, different coverage levels, and different workers’ compensation levels. It is important for the person moving in New York City to request and produce the necessary information. Typically, buildings will have all of this information on file and can easily provide it upon request.

Information Needed for a Certificate of Insurance

Obtaining a Certificate of Insurance

Acquiring information for a COI and getting a property manager’s approval can be a lengthy process, but Movers Not Shakers can help. We will round up all the necessary documents and information required on the COI. We will make sure that our policies provide the level of coverage to satisfy the property owner, then deal with any needed corrections. We will also be sure that everyone involved gets the right paperwork for their records before moving day. Buildings often want the COI forms at least 24 hours in advance. We will do all of these tasks for no extra charge.

Obtaining a COI is included in our flat moving rate. There is only one task for our customers: connect with the building managers ahead of time to determine what information is needed for the documents. Again, this information is typically available upon request. If not, Movers Not Shakers can help with this too! We will provide a sample COI that our clients can offer to their building managers, and some will accept these generic documents. If not, the building managers can share what other information they need, the client can pass that along to us, and we will update our forms. Plus, our experienced team has completed over 1,000 moves to hundreds of buildings throughout New York City, so have many approved COI documents on file. Our team will determine if we’ve already worked with our client’s building’s management, and if we have necessary information available or if more details are needed.

A COI proves that New York City moving companies are reputable, accountable, and take their jobs seriously. Gathering the necessary information for a COI, working with insurance companies, then sharing the right documents with building managers can be a lengthy process. But Movers Not Shakers is ready to manage the task! We will help our clients ahead of the moving day to ensure the process is smooth and simple. Movers Not Shakers wants our clients to use a COI as a way to protect themselves and their belongings. Work with Movers Not Shakers to reap these benefits. Want to learn more about Verifying Licenses and Certificates? Read more Here.

Call us today for a free moving estimate that includes any cost associated with a COI. We will also give details of all that Movers Not Shakers offers, including packing and unpacking services, last minute scheduling, all day moving options, and storage availability. We also provide eco-friendly moves through our reusable moving equipment, biodiesel moving trucks, and recycling partners. Let’s work together for a fast, affordable, and sustainable move!

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