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How you move is up to you

Moving to a new home is exciting, and if you have the right team to assist you, it is one of the most pleasant experiences in your life. For that reason, you should choose the most reliable movers Sunset Park has to offer and ensure flawless relocation. When you rely on experienced professionals, you can be certain that nothing can prevent them from conducting your move efficiently. Contact us, and we at Movers Not Shakers! will provide you with all the necessary services and help you enjoy your relocation.

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Why should you choose movers Sunset Park residents recommend?

When you choose movers in Sunset Park to handle your relocation, you want the ones that have enough experience and knowledge. We possess exactly that, so you should decide to put your trust in our company and you won’t be disappointed. You can read more about our moving experience and see why the residents in Sunset Park always rely on our services. We listen to our clients and understand that every relocation is unique. Thus, we tailor our services to match all of your needs.

You won’t make a mistake if you decide to hire our Brooklyn movers and let them organize everything regarding your relocation. When your belongings are in the hands of skilled movers, you can rest assured that even the greatest obstacles can be successfully overcome.

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How can you reach out to us?

The easiest way for you to reach out to us is to visit our website. You will get all the basic information there. Additionally, you will save yourself a lot of time if you fill out a simple form you find there and request a free moving estimate. Should you need more information, you can always call us and our professionals will answer all of your questions. Our customer service team consists of kind and well-informed individuals who will be glad to help you.

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With over 20 years and 20,000 moves under our belt, Movers, Not Shakers! makes your move stress-free.

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What are the services we can provide?

The movers Sunset Park relies on are experts in all types of moving services. We at Movers Not Shakers! are well aware that for a perfect relocation, you often need a combination of services. That is why we tend to improve our moving business each year and have moving services that will help you have peace of mind when you decide to hire us.

Some of the services we offer are:

  • Residential moving — Organizing a residential move can cause a lot of stress if you have to do it alone. That is why we are hired to take care of every single detail and make sure you remember your relocation as a pleasant experience.
  • Packing services — Since packing is the most time-consuming process, you can easily avoid it by letting packers from Sunset Park help you. The best part of this is that you don’t have to worry about gathering the packing supplies. We have the boxes in all shapes and sizes, as well as other pieces of quality moving equipment.
  • Long distance moving — Long-distance relocation can be extremely exhausting unless you have a great team by your side. We can take care of everything, from moving bureaucracy to unpacking.
  • Storage solutions — Storage services are a great way of making sure that your items are safe until you have all the other relocation-related matters settled.

Next Day or Next Month, We’re Ready to Move

We know timing is important, especially in New York. Our expert crew is ready to make even the most complex move easy.

Local or Long-Distance, Let’s Get Moving!

We’re based in Brooklyn and can help you with local moves around NYC or long-distance moves in or out of the city.

Packing, Unpacking, Storage and More

For over 20 years and 20,000 moves, Movers, Not Shakers! makes your move stress-free – with as little or as much help as you need.

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Commercial moving is different

We know that commercial moving in NYC is much different from residential one because it usually requires a tighter schedule. You also need to communicate with your clients and make sure your employees are taking the change well. The very least you can do for yourself to make this process easier is to let us organize everything for you. We also offer document removal and destruction, furniture disposal or donation, IT services and installation, and decoration assistance.

We also have special services for you

If you need something even more specific, we have it covered also. We can organize last-minute moves because sometimes you are on a tight schedule and don’t have enough time to organize everything the way you would want to. Life is full of unexpected situations, and since we know that, we made sure you never have to worry if you need to conduct a last-minute relocation.

Movers Not Shakers truck ready for Lower Manhattan Movers

Additionally, if you have oddly shaped items, such as piano, for instance, we have experts in piano moving also. You can be certain that your valuable instrument won’t fall into wrong hands and that it will be safely transferred to your new residence.

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With over 20 years and 20,000 moves under our belt, Movers, Not Shakers! makes your move stress-free.

One of Lower East Side movers packing a reusable moving box

With us, you can help save the planet

We want to make sure that our planet is preserved so we do whatever we can to take care of the environment. We use bio-diesel fuels for all of our trucks and offer reusable moving boxes that help us save trees. That is the least we can do to make the borough of Brooklyn healthier, as well as the very city of New York. If you want to have a say in keeping our environment healthier, choose movers in Sunset Park and let them conduct your move.

Move Green

We’re the first Green New York movers. Our trucks run on bio-diesel fuel, and we use reusable bins instead of boxes.

Save Trees

Our reusable bins save over 80 pounds of cardboard with each move and save more than 1,000 trees each year.


We have successfully completed over 20,000 moves since 2002. Stress-free move no matter the situation.

Don’t worry about the insurance

Even if you don’t have much experience when it comes to moving, you probably know that you need some kind of insurance so that your items are protected. With our company, you don’t have to worry about that. Moving regulations in NYC say that if you live in a building, the property manager may forbid an unlicensed company to enter the building. Avoid even the smallest inconvenience by hiring us, since we have all the certificates necessary to conduct your relocation safely.

Contact us today and have a pleasant moving experience

You have realized by know what a nicely-organized relocation is about, what types of services you need, and how to find the best movers. All that is left for you to do is contact us as soon as possible. We at Movers Not Shakers! will gladly help you. By reaching out to us, you get the best movers Sunset Park can offer. Don’t miss out on this opportunity.

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With over 20 years and 20,000 moves under our belt, Movers, Not Shakers! makes your move stress-free.