7 Steps for a Seamless Move

Moving is not an easy process, and it can be very stressful. This 7-point checklist covers the different steps that our customers take to prepare for their move. Following this process can help you plan and execute an efficient and stress free move. 

  1. Before you’re ready to contact us to book your move, take an inventory of all of your belongings that you want to move. Address this by looking at the pieces you have room by room. This will help you have a more organized move, will help you understand the volume of your move, and will help us with providing you an accurate quote.
  2. Once complete, look at your list and determine whether you really need to move everything on the list. An example of something you could remove from your list is pantry items, which may cost you more money to move than to replace. A move is also a good time to consider getting rid of old clothes and electronics. Remember that if you do want to dispose of any clothing or electronics, we can collect the pieces and donate them to our recycling partners.
  3. Contact your building’s super to find out what the restrictions and requirements are for your building.. Buildings with elevators most likely will require some paperwork. It is best to know this information as soon as possible, so that we can schedule your move accordingly.
  4. Get an estimate from us. This will lead you to an inventory form, where you will include all of the items that you created a list of on your first step. If the size of your move is too large to include on the inventory form, we will gladly send one of our moving specialists to your home to provide you with an in-home estimate.
  5. Prepping your inventory for the move. If you would like to pack all of your belongings yourself, we can drop off our reusable bins 7-10 days prior to your move date. If you don’t have the time or desire to pack your belongings, we can pack and label everything for you.
  6. Decide how you’d like to pay. Most people pay via credit card, which we do not run until the move is completed. We also recommend you have some cash to tip the guys as you would for other service employees, in the neighborhood of 10%-20% of the cost of the move.
  7. On the day of your move, the foreman of your assigned moving team will arrive to your first location. Make sure to exchange phone numbers with the foreman, as he will review all of your pieces with you and will instruct the rest of the staff on how to properly move you and your belongings into your new home.

This list will help you streamline your pre-moving activities and will save you plenty of precious time when you need it the most.

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