How much did you get a quote for??

If there’s one thing that has become more clear to those who are looking for the signs, it is how much of an impact we as individuals can have, and what we stand to lose if we don’t choose wisely.

Are their cheaper moving companies out there? Of course there are, but consider this: when we started in 2002, it was from scratch! The last thing we needed to deal with was an irate customer, upset over shoddy service, so we paid a little more than most companies in order to get the best people. That philosophy has become a core belief, and it has allowed us to grow into a company staffed with professionals from top to bottom. You can hear it on the phone when you call, see it in our estimators, and watch it in action when our crews pack, wrap and deliver your goods with care, respect and ingenuity. 

What’s the basic formula for growing a company quickly these days? Pay the workers as little as possible, and dump the difference into AdWords to get to the top of the search. We believe there is a better way, that you can walk, not run to the top of this industry, and take the whole damn company with you. Is it worth spending a couple extra bucks on a move to get top-notch service? We see two main advantages:

  1. It’s not just the Movers, Not Shakers t-shirt (available for purchase in all sizes) you’ve seen for 10 years on various moves around town, but also the person in it! More experienced crews generally translate into a more positive moving experience overall.
  2. A gallon of milk costs the same amount of money no matter what neighborhood you buy it in. Hey, we live in New York too. Well-paid movers are happy movers, and since we are in an age of prosperity like we’ve never seen before, why not let everyone have a piece? We like to say that we provide VIP service at a mid-range cost. You might want to choose the cheapest shipping method when ordering a book or household cleaning supplies, but we don’t recommend that criteria when hiring a crew to move everything you’ve accumulated over the years to your new home. 

Give us a call, and let us show you how a move can be affordable, easy, and a well thought choice.

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