The sun is coming out and the temperature is rising! If you’re like most people who move in the warmer months, that means your moving date is fast approaching. It may seem like there’s plenty of time, but it’s never too early to plan your move.

After years of living in one location, maybe even a lifetime, you construct your environment around your habits and desires. However, when we have to move, we do something very foreign. We have to deconstruct that comfortable ecosystem and reassemble it in another location. To ease this unfamiliar experience, it is essential to put time in to planning. The less organizing you do, the less efficient and more stressful your move will be.

If you’re moving in 2 months…

Before you contact a moving company, make sure you take care of these points on your end first:

  • Begin to finalize any necessary personal paperwork, whether it’s for work, school, or other documentation.
  • Create an inventory of everything you’re looking to move.
  • Plan what you would like to dispose of. We collect and donate recyclable materials.
  • Educate yourself by reading the Do’s & Don’ts of moving by the NYC Department of Transportation

If you’re moving in 1 month…

  • Start packing what you won’t need until after you move. The decorations, skiing jackets and long johns can go in these boxes.
  • Arrange for any maintenance or repairs at your previous and upcoming locations.
  • Manage your utilities so they are shut off at your previous location and activated in your upcoming location when you move. We also recommend going with a green power provider that meet NYC’s requirements.

If you’re moving in 1 week

  • Organize for mail to be sent to your new home. You can also stop all of your junk mail with this easy step.
  • Have all of your belongings packed, besides anything you will need access to for the next week.
  • Reflect on all the memories of your old home and look forward to your new home!

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