It’s rather revolutionary using bins instead of boxes for moving. Given that packing materials are one of the biggest polluters in the moving industry, our bins save you money and help the environment. If you were wondering where the idea came from, it came to founder Mark Ehrhardt in a quintessential New York moment: sitting in traffic.

Mark was caught behind a truck unloading merchandise at a CVS and saw their method of moving inventory: stackable, plastic bins. Movers, Not Shakers! became the first licensed moving company to use bins instead of boxes in New York. Our GothamBox™ initiative saves 25 to 200 pounds of cardboard per move, and that doesn’t include the tape.

On our end, it also makes our trucks easy to load and unload, saving time and reducing overall moving cost. With no assembly, it also makes your packing easier. Here’s how it all works: Based on the online questionnaire you fill out for an estimate, we figure out how many bins you’ll need. A week before your move, we drop off clean bins with blue painter’s tape for easy labeling. On moving day, we carefully wrap up your furniture and take the bins. A week after, we come back and grab the unpacked bins from you. You don’t have to worry about garbage or recycling.

Apart from bins, we also have a lot of experience moving fragile items. Our movers and drivers are paid a living wage, which means they’re experienced and know how to move items in this dense city.  We’ve packed chandeliers, grandfather clocks, Grand Pianos, tea sets given by the Queen herself, and more.

Our Green initiatives go beyond the bins too! Read about why we run our trucks on biodiesel and our partnerships with local New York City non-profits to enable a “Complete Green Move.” If you’re ready to get started, just fill out our form and we’ll give you an estimate.

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