Whether you need to relocate your office or home, you should be prepared for a lot of work. The best way to have a successful NYC commercial relocation is to start planning on time. At the very beginning, you should decide several things, for example, who will lead the moving process and whether or not to hire a reputable moving company NYC offers. To make it easier to handle the relocation, here are some useful tips.

Make a detailed plan for your move

Moving a business is more challenging because you need to continue with your work as soon as possible and not let down your clients. That is why, as soon as you decide you need a new office, make a detailed plan, so your business doesn’t suffer. Here are some crucial steps:

  • Decide who will be in charge of the moving project
  • Set up your budget for a successful NYC commercial relocation
  • Try to find a suitable office
  • Inform your employees, clients, and partners
  • Estimate if you need a storage unit or not
  • Decide whether you will relocate the office by yourself or you are hiring a moving company
Three women sitting at a desk and working representing a successful NYC commercial relocation
Before moving your office, make a detailed plan and strategy with your employees.

If you are an owner of a big office/company, you can just call a moving company and let them handle everything without you even being involved. If your office is smaller and you need to take care of your budget, you should plan this process well.

Find a new place for your office

For a successful relocation, you should make some important decisions. Start by setting your budget to estimate how much you can and are willing to spend on a relocation. You can do some things yourself and leave some heavier tasks to professional commercial movers. After this, you should name the person who will be in charge of the moving process, communicate with movers, and coordinate the entire process.

What the new office will look like

The new place for your business should be functional. Once you pick a new place, you should make a plan of rooms. There should be a reception, work desks, photocopying machines, breakout areas, and meeting rooms. Consider placing the departments in the most efficient ways.

Once you make this plan, you will figure out if you need some additional equipment or if you have more than you need. In this case, renting an NYC storage unit could be pretty useful. You can place there the items you do not need at the moment. Just make sure you choose a storage unit that is safe, clean, and climate controlled.

A man wearing headphones while working in an office alone
Be careful with packing office electronics.

Find an office in NYC

New York is a big city. There are a lot of job opportunities and office spaces. The trouble is to find something affordable or, at least, suitable for your budget. You can visit a lot of websites to find an office that is right for you. Think about the location, prices, the size of your company before you choose a new place.

Inform your employees, clients, and partners about the relocation

Good communication is always important. So, make sure you inform your employees on time about the relocation. Host a meeting and provide them with all the necessary information, such as a new address and moving strategy. You can also include your employees in the relocation if needed.

Informing your clients and partners is also very important for your business. Give them a new address, and inform them in advance if there will be any delays in service or other changes.

Inform all relevant parties about the relocation.

Declutter your old office before packing

Get rid of unnecessary items. Go through offices, and pack delicate items, computers, laptops, and sensitive documents. This is the step you should do before the movers come or if you are moving by yourself. Throw away filled notepads, markers, pens, or anything you don’t need or use anymore. Whatever you do not need, get rid of it. You can sell the items such as chairs or cabinets or donate them.

Then move on to the most tedious part of moving, and that’s packing. While a lot of the process will be the same as when packing your home, you should pay attention to a few points more when relocating your office.

Firstly, you should be very careful with your electronics. It is for the best to find packing services NYC residents usually use and not worry about the safety of your inventory. You can also label each computer, copy machine, or any other electronic device so you know where it should be placed in a new office space.

Moreover, you will want to keep confidential documents safe. Pack them in a separate box or keep them with you. Find out what your company’s protocol is regarding old documents so you can shred them or file some of the documents that you should keep.

Hire a moving company for a successful NYC commercial relocation

Having reliable movers on your side will make your relocation efficient and stress-free. Start your search by visiting some websites and asking for a recommendation. Also, set the budget for the relocation services and prepare the right questions for your potential movers.

Once you find a few companies you like, ask for a free estimate so you can make your decision and hire a moving company that suits your needs and your budget. Then, ask for information about the insurance and find out what the insurance covers.

When you pick the best company, give them clear and precise instructions because that is the best way to have a successful office relocation. Set the time and the date, and give them a new address. Remember, everything you agree on with your movers should be in your contract. Read it well and check that there are no hidden fees. If there are, make sure they explain it so you can start with the relocation process.

Make your office move smooth

To ensure the relocation doesn’t harm your business and to have a successful NYC commercial relocation, make a good plan and find professional movers to make this process easier. Make sure to communicate the change with your partners and employees and make this process smooth and easy for you and everyone else.