When you remodel your home, you do it because you want it to feel cozy and beautiful. In order to ensure that, perceive remodeling as a strategy. Think of your renovation project as a company business plan or as a brand-new special enterprise. While you can employ an architect to create that plan for you, if you want to save money, you can take control of the remodeling of your new Bronx apartment and do it yourself. Keep in mind that the key to renovating your home successfully is organizing the entire process carefully. And for anything else you may need, there are Movers, Not Shakers! With us by your side, you won’t have to worry about the most common problems that go hand in hand with renovating your home, like moving some stuff or storing them for later.

Remodeling Your New Bronx Apartment Like a Pro

It can be very fulfilling to give an old house new life or just renovate a neglected property. Whether you want to sell, rent, or live in your apartment, here are a few pointers to make your property stand out in terms of usability, profitability, and appearance. Do not forget that using expensive materials is not a must for constructing a luxury residence.

There are several low-cost techniques you can use to give your house a more opulent appearance without going overboard with spending. The following chapters will show you how to efficiently renovate your home by breaking up your complete remodeling design into smaller plans based on the available space. After the process is finished and your new apartment is ready, the team of Bronx movers will cater to all of your moving needs

When you go about renovating your new Bronx home, think about:

  • Maximizing available space
  • Improving lighting
  • Creating an illusion of a more spacious home
  • Utilizing minimalist approach
  • Opening up the kitchen
a man polishing the ceiling
Make a good plan before the beginning of remodeling your new Bronx apartment.

Maximize the Storage

It’s important to figure out how to increase storage while maintaining the appearance of space in the flat. You might want to consider the following:

  • Floating shelves – use them to store decorations and other little items that make a space look cluttered.
  • Wall-mount storage – install it in your kitchen to hang your cookware and save up cabinet space.
  • Baskets – either made of wood or bamboo to hold items, especially in the kitchen and bathroom.

What is more, you can always count on Movers Not Shakers! and our NYC storage services. Depending on what you need, they offer both short-term and long-term storage units.
Try to keep as few items on display as possible, and carefully select furniture to store your shoes, books, and linen.

Improve the Lightning

Lightning should not dominate a space, but it also should not be ignored. It should be neither too subtle nor too overpowering. A warm, elegant floor lamp is all you need to balance the area, so measure the height of your ceiling before choosing overhead lighting for the dining table and mirror. We should just leave a reminder here that light comes through windows as well. Install wide windows when upgrading your home. To optimize the amount of light entering through the windows, make sure they are a shade lighter than the rest of the room.

Make the Place Seem More Spacious

The most crucial thing is to make it appear airy and bright, quiet and serene, simple to move in, and open. Using white tones or even some pastel palette colors can easily make a pleasant living room and a minimalist bathroom look classy. To optimize the light that is already present, place a mirror on the wall directly opposite the windows. This will help reflect light throughout the space. They substitute a piece of art that may be considerably more expensive when making reflections in order to give the impression that it is of higher quality.

paint bruses and rollers used for remodeling your new Bronx apartment
Using white tones or even some pastel palette colors make a room appear airy and bright.

Go for the Minimalist Look

Rest your eyes while enjoying your new space! Do not over-treat the walls, your makeup surface, or your desk space. Instead, remove everything unnecessary, scale back the size of your furnishings, and concentrate on function. This is where packing services in NYC may come in handy if you want your stuff packed and protected by professionals while they are waiting to be useful in storage again.

You may also use storage bins of every size and leave the surfaces bare. Closets are crucial as well, so make sure you have enough of them when planning your apartment makeover. You could consider built-ins, custom-built closets, or working with closet manufacturers.

Open Up the Kitchen

Small kitchens are common in old buildings, and they are usually always enclosed by walls on all four sides. Nowadays, individuals enjoy entertaining in their kitchens, which frequently serve as the apartment’s central focus. The kitchen may be opened to make the room appear larger. You should give the kitchen design more thought and perhaps more money if you have an open kitchen because it will be on display.

a dog standing in the middle of the room during the renovation of an apartment
Simple surfaces and light cabinet colors are used to suggest purity in the space.

The finest kitchen layout for an apartment is always an open-concept kitchen. As for the kitchen area, consider furnishings that will take up less space and streamline your gadgets.
Simple surfaces and light cabinet colors help to convey purity in the space.


You’ll get tips on remodeling your new Bronx apartment from your friends, family, an architect, an interior designer, etc. But remember that this is your residence. You are the one who makes all decisions. Create a happy living space for you and your family. Never let anyone force you to use a design you don’t like. When done properly, apartment remodels can produce stunning alterations. Under the guidance of an expert who can help you root your ideas and adjust them in accordance with local laws and contemporary trends, we urge you to explore and attempt new concepts.