When was the last time you cleaned out your home? If you’re about to relocate, you might want to think about downsizing your possessions. When you declutter your Manhattan condo before the move, you save money as well as time and effort on both ends of your relocation. Why? Because moving becomes more expensive as you accumulate more stuff. Additionally, you might even add a little extra cash to your wallet by making donations or holding a garage or estate sale. Movers Not Shakers! are sharing the best advice on how to complete the decluttering process on schedule, with no delays, and with a positive attitude.

Declutter Your Manhattan Condo Before the Move in 5 Easy Steps

Despite all the advantages, decluttering can seem like a difficult task to take on, especially when done in conjunction with a relocation. Knowing when, where, and how to organize your belongings can simplify the process, make it easier, and, dare we say it, turn it into something you might even find mildly enjoyable. Here are our top suggestions for finishing the job:

  1. Don’t postpone the work
  2. Create a timeline
  3. Begin with rooms you use the least
  4. Consider hiring professional help
  5. Sort items into different piles
a woman carrying boxes while decluttering her condo before the move
Decluttering your home doesn’t have to be an exhausting task if done properly.

Don’t Wait; Get Started Early

There’s no shame in needing a little inspiration or encouragement to get ready because decluttering may be quite emotional and stressful, especially if you’ve never done it before. Just keep in mind how wonderful it will feel to purge the excess from your possessions, save money, possibly earn some cash, and start afresh in your new space. You’ll be astonished by how wonderful it feels to be liberated from things that no longer have a place in your life or home. Starting a pre-move decluttering project too late is one of the biggest mistakes people make. There are always far more things than we could ever dream of. You may want to start at least two, six, or even twelve months before your relocation, depending on the size of your house or apartment. That simply makes the procedure far less demanding and stressful. However, if you didn’t manage to make a plan on time, even a last-minute move can be handled by a professional team.

Plan a Specific Time for Decluttering

The majority of people misjudge how long decluttering will take. In addition, there is frequently a lot of material to filter through. Unfortunately, most individuals can only declutter for so long until they tire out and stop making the best choices. We understand that you probably aren’t eager to go through all of your belongings, which is precisely why we advise scheduling it. One of the biggest mistakes individuals make is not setting aside specific times to declutter. We advise setting up one to three hours each week for this activity, preferably on the same day each week, to establish a routine. Turn off everything, including your appointments, and really set that time. You can always rely on the friendly moving crew and experience interstate moving like never before.

a women writing down notes for decluttering a Manhattan condo before the move
Write down the plan about how to declutter your Manhattan condo before the move.

Start From the Least-Used Rooms

Start the decluttering process with areas and items you don’t use very frequently to break ground. You’ll have the time to look through everything if you start with less-used rooms, and you’ll probably be able to get rid of between 50% and 75% of it. A fantastic strategy to teach your brain to consider the worth and function of your possessions is to start with the areas of your basement, attic, or garage. By doing this, you’ll be an expert and have your own approach pretty much down pat by the time you get to the truly critical things. Additionally, you may tackle two tasks at once by packing the items you plan to save into boxes or plastic bins as you go. This will reduce the amount of interruption to your regular routines in the other parts of the house.

Think About Hiring Professionals

It might be worthwhile to have a professional organizer on your team if you’re still unsure of where to begin or simply want or need some assistance. Movers Not Shakers! will come to your rescue and offer their packing services along with relocation solutions. We advise against waiting until you are at your wit’s end to ask for assistance. Gather recommendations from family, friends, and local networking sites. Then, schedule a consultation with the top candidates to get to know them better. Determine whether you get along well with them since you’ll be working closely with them, remember. Finally, learn more about the project’s parameters and their rate.

professional movers helping to declutter your Manhattan condo before the move
Hiring professionals to help you during the process is always a good idea.

Make Piles for Easier Assessment

Check everything out carefully. Hit the cabinets from front to back, go through the junk drawers, and give everything a thorough inspection. Nothing should be overlooked, unopened, or unsorted. Motivate yourself by remembering that you will eventually have to move. You will eventually have to experience the thing you are trying to postpone now. The things you store away when you move into your new house are those that you need and want. Also, they are those that make you happy. By purging your possessions, you can carry only the items you truly love and require with you to your new home. Arrange items in distinct piles after sorting them to decide what will happen to them. Consider the following examples of which piles to make:

  • Keep
  • Sell
  • Donate
  • Trash


A new relocation is an ideal time to go through the house and seek things you might not need after you settle into your new life. You’ll drastically lessen your workload. Taking the time to declutter your Manhattan condo before the move is more than simply a matter of keeping your home clean and organized. It also becomes a crucial step in granting yourself some peace of mind. People who own fewer possessions have fewer things to worry about and take care of. Ultimately, this results in less stress and, in a sense, more free time.