Are you about to move from one home to another in NYC? Whether you are moving to another street or another brought, think eco-friendly. With a planet exposed to so much pollution, even the small changes matter. So, you can also contribute. For example, you can consider how to minimize waste when packing for your NYC move. And, if you have ever moved before, you know how much waste each move produces. If you are not sure how to do it, consider hiring green movers in NYC. They have experience and can also advise you about reusable supplies. Moreover, you will realize that moving eco-friendly is much cheaper too.

How to reduce packing waste

In general, people are unaware of how much waste they produce during the move. First, after you pack your items, you will have leftover packing material, which usually ends up at garbage sites. Only a tiny portion of them are sent for recycling. Then, after unpacking in your new home, you might keep some moving boxes, sell some of the boxes and leftover packing materials, or give them away to another person moving. However, most of the packing supplies will be collected and hauled away to the garbage site.

Still, all is not lost, as certain materials can considerably reduce moving waste.

A Young Couple Holding Cardboard Boxes while Sitting on a Bed showing the need to minimize waste when packing for your NYC move.
After unpacking, you will end up with a lot of waste to get rid of.

Opportunities to minimize waste when packing for your NYC move

The aim is to have as few materials for disposing of as possible after the move. So, there are two stages in which you can minimize moving waste:

  1. Packing for the move
  2. Unpacking after the move

So, let us see how you can make your NYC move more eco-friendly in each of those phases.

Green packing materials that you can use

For a long time, people have been buying various packing materials, such as bubble wrap, packing tape, styrofoam peanuts, etc. And, the packing material is not cheap at all. However, many of them are becoming aware that they already have a lot of packing material in their homes. Even more importantly, they will continue using those materials after the move.

Some of the better packing alternatives include:

  1. Newspapers
  2. Biodegradable peanuts for packing
  3. Biodegradable bubble wrap
  4. Eco friendly moving boxes
  5. Upcycled moving materials
  6. Blankets, sheets, and towels
  7. Recycled packing tape
  8. Recycled paper
Eco-friendly bag and a phone with the recycle logo.
You can continue using many packing materials after the NYC move.

Use newspapers to minimize waste when packing for your NYC move

There are old newspapers in almost every household, and they can easily be repurposed. They will protect your china, and you can also use them to fill empty spaces in the moving box. In addition, they are biodegradable.

Biodegradable peanuts for packing

Those are not made of styrofoam but of biodegradable substances. For example, they are usually made of non-toxic materials, such as cornstarch or wheat. So, you can, after use, throw them on the compost site. Being biodegradable, they will actually enrich the soil.

Biodegradable bubble wrap

If you are looking for the same protection as bubble wrap, there is a biodegradable option made of recycled paper that is compostable after use. So, by using it, you will help preserve nature and help the soil to become richer.

Eco-friendly moving boxes

In case you decide to go with reusable, eco-friendly moving boxes, they will be delivered to you a week prior to moving by your mover. You will have enough time to pack, or you can opt for packing services in NYC and save yourself some time and energy.

Also, the bins will be collected a week after you reach your new home. So, again, you will be able to unpack comfortably without the need to rush. Another good thing about reusable moving boxes is the fact that, during their “lifetime”, they save up to 20,000+ cardboard boxes.

Upcycled moving materials

Upcycled, eco-friendly packaging material is anything that has been previously used. You can get it on a crowdsourcing platform, such as Craigslist. You can even get some upcycled things for free. Some moving companies offer them as a part of their sustainability measures. So, ask them to help you find lightly used packing supplies in order to keep your NYC move green.

Concentrated woman folding recycled and used paper
Upcycled, the eco-friendly packaging material is related to anything that was previously used.

Blankets, sheets, and towels

Instead of spending money to get eco-friendly packaging, you can use items that you already have at home. For example, you can use blankets, sheets, and towels to properly cushion items inside your green packing bin. This will completely minimize waste, as you will be just repurposing the common household stuff.

Look around your home, and you will for sure spot some other things that you can use to pack your items in an environmentally friendly way! And, in case you need to move on short notice, this method and a crew of experienced last minute movers in NYC will significantly speed up packing and moving.

Recycled packing tape

Tape is a necessary item for safe sealing. For example, you can’t avoid sealing wrappings made of recycled paper. The eco-friendly packing tapes are also made from recycled paper. Although they are not 100% biodegradable, their impact on the environment is considerably lower.

Recycled paper

Recycled paper is a common choice for many moving companies or shipping centers looking to be more sustainable. So, using recycled paper will add up to their efforts to keep the planet a cleaner place.

Minimize waste when packing for your NYC move and make moving eco-friendly

It is not hard to minimize waste when packing for your NYC move. By doing so, you will help the planet become a cleaner place. Also, reusing packing supplies, or using things that you already have in your home, is much cheaper. Additionally, after the move, you will be able to continue using your household items. And, if it is not possible to pass the eco-friendly supplies further, you can use them to enrich the soil. Since they are biodegradable, you can freely let them decompose.