Queens is one of the most famous and prominent neighborhoods in New York. With its beautiful greenery, plenty of family-friendly spots, amazing food, and affordable housing, Queens is an attractive place for all. As a result, people hire professionals to offer some of the best moving and storage NY recommends to take them to this hidden jewel in NYC. If you are considering moving or settling into Queens, you probably need to find good spots to relax and enjoy. With so many amazing things to do and see, it is not that hard to find the right place for you and your family. To help you find the perfect spot, here is a short list of hidden gems in Queens NY that you will certainly like.

The concise list of hidden gems in Queens NY

Whether you like to spend time outside, taste local cuisine, or enjoy the amazing nightlife, Queens is the right place for you! Some of the most beautiful spots to visit in Queens are:

  1. The Sisyphus Stones
  2. Alley Park
  3. Untermyer Gardens Conservancy
  4. Frances Lewis Park
  5. Fort Totten Park

#1 The Sisyphus Stones are one of the best-hidden gems in Queens NY

Queens is home to plenty of magnificent sites, including The Sisyphus Stones, one of the major attractions in the area. This hidden gem will not leave you indifferent. Walk along the Hudson River and enjoy this oddly-shaped rocky structure that arises from the water. The Sisyphus Stones are made from a rock called Manhattan Schist that glitters in the sun, making the site even more delightful. If you want to relax in peace and quiet, don’t miss the chance to enjoy this pristine nature. However, if you are planning to bring the family with you, be careful not to come near the rocks with your children, as they are heavy and not glued or cemented in place. The rocks are constantly being remodeled and improved and the site is clean.

If you decide to make Queens your new home, you can also do your part in keeping the place clean. Instead of packing your belonging in cardboard boxes and stuffing the empty space with plastic bubble wrap or packing peanuts, consider eco-friendlier alternatives such as reusable moving bins NYC professionals offer.

Stacked of stones by the water in Queens
Sisyphus Stones come in a variety of shapes and sizes and make one of the most famous hidden gems in Queens NY

#2 Alley Park is another place worth your attention

Tucked between Bayside and Douglaston, Alley Park is another hidden gem in Queens. While some of the Queens movers deal with your moving tasks, you can focus on organizing a day trip to this place, far away from the hustle and bustle of an urban landscape. This is a perfect spot for kids and elderly people, but also for anyone interested in jogging, hiking, and biking. Alley Park and the connecting Cunningham Park make up the second-largest park in Queens. The possibilities for relaxation are endless! Trees and huge grass fields truly make this park worth visiting, especially if you want to enjoy some fresh air. Moreover, other outdoor activities include having a picnic, biking along the trails, and playing baseball in a nicely-sized field.

#3 Don’t miss the chance to visit Untermyer Gardens Conservancy

Untermyer Gardens Conservancy is known as the haven for photographers. The place is not only beautiful but also serene. There are amazing lights that glitter beautifully at night, and a vast area perfect for organizing events and picnics. If you want to enjoy this intact nature, beautiful plants, and pristine environment, then this is the place for you. You can visit every day and it’s free. However, make sure you bring some refreshments and snacks and dress adequately. Plenty of moving companies in Queens organize tours to Untermyer Gardens Conservancy daily. Avoid the crowd of New York City by escaping to this breathtaking place.

However, if you are planning to make Queens your new home, make sure you calculate your costs by using moving quotes NYC moving companies offer on their website. You will want to have the budget for all the exploration you plan to do, as the trip to these botanical places may be pricey.

#4 Frances Lewis Park is another wonderful hidden place in Queens

This small park in northern Queens will keep you busy! With plenty of activities to do far away from the crowded city streets, you will not have time to think about anything else but relaxation. You can admire the Whitestone Bridge, do some birdwatching, and visit the beach area. Moreover, the place is perfect for having a picnic, hanging out with friends, playing basketball, reading books under the tree, and walking with your pet. Other amenities include a spacious parking lot, a nearby bus stop, and available restrooms. If you are looking for a safe place to go with your family, this is certainly the right spot for you.

A beautiful park, one of the hidden gems in Queens NY
Spacious parks and wonderful nature are some of the most common attractions in Queens

#5 Do you love history? Then visit the hidden Fort Totten Park

Fort Totten Park is located in Bayside, Queens. This beautiful park is surrounded by water, and its greenery makes it truly unique. The park has some historical sites worth visiting, so you can get educated while enjoying yourself. You will love the park’s historical feel, secluded from the crowded cities and bustling downtown. With its unique and intriguing touch, the park’s historical buildings will take you back in time. Fort Totten Park is the last active military base in Queens, so it also has historical importance. Walk along paved streets and enjoy breathtaking views, while eating nice food in a local restaurant. Once you visit Fort Totten Park, you will feel like you are miles away from the city, when actually you are so close to it.

Streetlights along the bay and a pedestrian area
Queens is a place with plenty of attractions for anyone

Queens has plenty to offer to its visitors

As a part of New York, Queens is one of the most exciting and unique places in the world. Although its attractions are a bit underrated, Queens has plenty of hidden gems that can entice its visitors. Queens borough certainly has a lot to offer to anyone going there. Museum lovers can visit the world-famous Queens museum, and visitors can admire the giant World’s Fair globe in Flushing Meadows, walk through the Queens Botanical Garden, and see the sculptures in Noguchi Museum. Once you decide to visit Queens, make sure you do some research and find the right place for yourself. You will certainly have a lifetime adventure in Queens.

Don’t miss the chance to visit Queens this season

Every place in the world is beautiful in its way and Queens is not an exception. There are so many hidden gems in Queens NY that will simply take your breath away. If you like history, you can go to Fort Totten Park, Untermyer Gardens Conservancy is great for enjoying nature, and the Sisyphus Stones are a unique sight that everyone likes. Whatever you decide to do, make sure you bring a lot of positive energy, as Queens will not fail to fulfill your exceptions.