New York City is one of the world’s most popular destinations. Among the bustling streets filled with residents and tourists, flourishing jobs, beautiful homes, and world-famous neighborhoods is also a flourishing real estate market. Living here means paying one of the most expensive living costs in the world. But is it worth it? And what is one fact to know about the Cobble Hill housing market, if you wish to make it your new home? Well to be honest there is not just one but many things you should know before looking for the best Cobble Hill movers and relocating here.

Welcome to Cobble Hill

If you look in the heart of Brooklyn, somewhere between Brooklyn Heights, Boerum Hill, and Carroll Gardens, you will notice a small area known as Cobble Hill. This area is home to buildings in various architectural styles as old as 1830 to 1920! This is a place where residents get to see a lot of history and have the utmost privacy, which can sometimes be hard to attain in a city as big as New York. In this area, you will notice a lot of small family own shops and businesses. Just walking down the street you will notice plenty of Italian butcher shops, old-time barber shops, many restaurants, as well as outdoor cafés, and relaxing bistros.

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Sometimes moving is the best decision we can make for our future. So picking out our new home should not be taken lightly.

It is this and many more things that make this area beautiful and sought after. If you were charmed by Cobble Hill and are looking for the best Brooklyn movers, we suggest that you first learn a little about its real estate. Knowing the fact to know about the Cobble Hill housing market will make it easier for you to locate and snatch your perfect home.

The prices are rising

More and more people have seen the beauty of the Cobble Hill area. And that of course affected the housing market in the area. How so? Well as more and more people look into moving quotes NYC movers offer, and decide to move here the demand for homes rises. If we know something already it is that when the demand rises, and the supply doesn’t, prices skyrocket! And that is exactly what happened here. NYC is already a city that has some of the most expensive homes for sale and rent. And although Cobble Hill still isn’t one of its most expensive areas it is slowly climbing.

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The rise and fall of prices in an area can be affected by many things

In recent years this area has shown an unimaginable rise in prices. Far more than any of its Brooklyn neighbors. When it comes to the sale price per square foot in Cobble Hill it is $833! Meaning that the average home price here is around $1,767,500. And just by looking at this astonishing price, you will notice that it is well over some other NYC areas.

What type of accommodation is sold the most?

NYC is the home of skyscrapers. As there are many beautiful buildings that are world known for their beauty and height. And although there are fewer tall buildings in Brooklyn it still has the same style as the other areas. You see the housing demand in NYC is huge. So big in fact that it is barely able to keep up! And in return, more and more buildings are made to serve as apartments. As there are fewer houses available, it is only normal that their prices are bigger. So it is not surprising that there are a lot more apartments sold in Cobble Hill than houses. How expensive can the house be? Well, the average price of an apartment is around $1,7milion, and the average house price is $6,3milion. Quite a difference isn’t it?

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One fact to know about the Cobble Hill housing market is that it has a lot of potentials and will probably rise even more in the future

Does climate have an impact on the Cobble Hills housing market?

There are many house markets that are impacted by climate. The best example of this is probably in Florida where the housing market experiences dramatic changes during the hurricane season. But of course, there are other types of impact that climate can have, that may not be that extreme. So sometimes it is best to look into this before contacting an eco friendly moving company. When it comes to houses one of the biggest problems is usually flooding. But here there is an extremely low risk of floods! Actually, the flood risk is one of the lowest in the nation.

When it comes to fires(wildfires) the risk of them happening is also extremely low. On another hand, the risk of drought happening as well as heat risks are low but not impossible. As this area is located in the middle of Brooklyn surrounded by concrete it is not impossible for heat to be one of the problems it faces. The only noteworthy climate change is the storms, that this area may experience.

Cobble Hill Housing Market: Is buying a home here worth it?

At the end of the day, is buying a home here worth it? Well in our opinion the answer is yes! Due to its location, it is one of the best areas to commute from. It has good public transportation and there are even many good things within walking distance. At the same time, the area is showing great signs of growing and evolving even further. This means that the prices of homes in the future may grow even more, which is a good investment in the long run! Thinking about the future of the area when purchasing a home is also one important fact to know about the Cobble Hill housing market.