Moving from Queens to Staten Island is an exciting change, as both of these boroughs are unique locations with so much to offer. In order to have an effortless move you should hire an eco friendly moving company, as well as research Staten Island as much as possible to know what to expect. Try and learn all about what life in Staten Island looks like, and how to move your belongings. To find out more about executing a seamless move, read below.

Introduction: Reasons to move from Queens to Staten Island

One of the key elements to a smooth transition is learning about the benefits of living on Staten Island. Therefore, before you hire Queens movers to relocate you to Staten Island, here are some of the upsides of moving from Queens to Staten Island:

  • Quiet family-friendly neighborhoods,
  • More affordable housing and cost of living,
  • Plenty of outdoor activities,
  • Waterfront Access,
  • Shorter commute.
A dog in a neighborhood
Staten Island is a vibrant borough with a strong sense of community.

Choosing the right moving company for your move to Staten Island

NYC can offer an abundance of great Staten Island movers to choose from once you start preparing for your move. So while looking for great movers can be a daunting task, the silver lining is that there are a lot of good ones. The number one piece of advice is to search for someone with a lot of experience in the moving industry and the area. Make sure to check online reviews or ask your friends and family who have recently moved. Secondly, once you know how to avoid rouge movers, consider the services they offer and if they align with your relocation needs. Last but not least, get free moving quotes from companies of interest before choosing the right one for you!

Planning Your Move: Tips for a smooth transition to Staten Island

Careful planning beforehand is the key to a smooth transition to Staten Island from Queens. First and foremost, do your research and make a checklist! It will relieve some of the stress caused by moving and leave smaller room for error. Secondly, trusted 24 7 movers NYC offers are going to be extremely helpful. Make sure to pack strategically, and try and declutter before it. Try to stay as calm as possible and prepare for unexpected obstacles down the road. Take care of your mental and physical health!

A woman writing on a box
The most important part of moving from Queens to Staten Island is planning.

Moving with children: How to make the transition easier for the kids

Moving to a new home may be a challenging experience for children, even when you’re not leaving the city. Kids like familiarity and knowing their surroundings. In order to avoid spiking their anxiety, it is important to discuss your relocation beforehand. Depending on their age, you may also involve them in packing and moving preparations. This can help them regain a sense of control over their life. Before moving from Queens to Staten Island, you can visit your new neighborhood together and let them explore the new location a little bit.

How to pack efficiently for your move from Queens to Staten Island

Learning how to pack efficiently can save you time and money during relocation. Start by making a checklist of all the items you need to pack. Try not to overpack, thus making the process unnecessarily difficult and time-consuming. Before you start obtaining quality packing materials, get rid of any unwanted goods you own. After decluttering, you can start packing room by room to keep everything more organized. Watching online tutorials can help with packing techniques, and for extra fragile or bulky items, such as instruments, piano movers NYC is your best bet. Last but not least, always keep essentials on hand!

Navigating the Staten Island Real Estate Market: Tips for Finding Your Dream Home

Before hiring residential movers New York City offers, you need to find a home to relocate to. Consider what are non-negotiables in your dream home, try to set a budget, and research your option. Since you’re staying in NYC, take enough time to visit houses of interest before making a purchase or renting. Working with an experienced realtor can be highly beneficial, too. Keep in mind that the median home price is around $638k in Staten Island, which is slightly more affordable than the Queen’s median home price of 650k. Additionally, the real estate market in Staten Island is more competitive, with homes spending around 69 days on the market.

A couple carrying boxes when moving from Queens to Staten Island
Researching the Staten Island real estate market will help you find your perfect home.

Settling In: Exploring Your New Neighborhood on Staten Island

Once you arrive on Staten Island, give yourself some time to explore your new neighborhood and get familiar with your surroundings. Make sure to find the best routes and public transportation options for getting to your workplace and your kids’ schools. Try to go out as much as possible and search for local stores, cafes, and pharmacies. Visit parks in the area, as well as community events. This will make the transition to Staten Island smoother and possibly lead to meeting your neighbors.

Staying connected: Maintaining relationships with friends and family in Queens

Knowing how to maintain relationships with the most important people in your life is a vital part of settling in after moving from Queens to Staten Island. Luckily, Staten Island is close enough to Queens, where you can visit frequently. Try to schedule time with each other, and invite them over once you settle in. Using online tools, such as video calls, can help you spend quality time even when you’re unable to meet physically. Always update your friends and family on the important events in your life!

Conclusion: Embracing your new life on Staten Island

Staten Island is a diverse and dynamic community, and exploring it can be exciting and fulfilling. Don’t be hesitant to leave your comfort zone after moving from Queens to Staten Island. Try out new activities, join local organizations, and meet your neighbors! Embracing new experiences will help you make the most of your life on Staten Island!


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