As we collectively strive to tread lighter on our planet, the concept of a green move has emerged as a powerful way to make relocation more sustainable. A green relocation is all about minimizing the environmental impact of moving. It involves practices such as using biodegradable packing materials, reducing waste, and optimizing logistics for lower fuel consumption. As an eco friendly moving company, we have fully embraced this approach, aligning our operations with sustainable practices. But why did we choose this path? Simply put, we believe in the urgency of protecting our planet and want our business to reflect this belief. But this transition isn’t just about us – it also brings considerable benefits to our customers. Hiring a green moving company like ours not only eases your conscience but can also simplify your move, possibly save you money, and allow you to contribute to a more sustainable future.

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We’re green for numerous reasons.

Understanding the concept of a green move

A green relocation represents an eco-conscious shift in how we relocate, embracing practices that significantly reduce the environmental impact. Firstly, a green move involves the use of sustainable materials. These may include reusable moving boxes, packing materials made from recycled or biodegradable content, and eco-friendly cleaning supplies. Secondly, it centers on reducing waste. This can mean donating or selling items you no longer need instead of discarding them or choosing to recycle packing materials after the move. Lastly, some green moves even include carbon offsetting. This practice involves calculating the carbon emissions produced during the relocation and investing in environmental projects to offset those emissions. In short, a green move isn’t just a single action but a series of choices and practices aimed at minimizing the ecological footprint of your relocation. As a company, when we say “We’re green,” we mean we fully incorporate all these elements into our operations.

Why we’re green

Our journey towards becoming an eco-conscious moving company began in 2007 when we recognized the urgent need to reduce the environmental impact of our operations. We realized that embracing sustainability wasn’t just good for the planet but also for our business and customers – a concept we like to call congreenience, blending convenience with green practices. In 2007, we started running all our trucks on BioDiesel fuel, a significant step towards lowering our carbon footprint. BioDiesel fuel dramatically cuts tailpipe emissions, with an impressive 80% reduction compared to conventional diesel. This shift not only promotes cleaner air but also ensures the safety and damage protection of your belongings during transportation.

The same year, we began providing our customers with moving supplies NYC, such as reusable bins, eliminating the need for disposable cardboard boxes and contributing to significantly less waste during relocation. Disposable cardboard boxes produce the bulk of the waste involved in relocating locally.  They are rarely reused more than once, and even when they are recycled, a large percentage of the cardboard material will end up in landfill. Over the last eleven years, our customers have avoided using around 250,000 disposable cardboard boxes thanks to these reusable alternatives.

Our commitment to sustainability even extends to how we maintain our trucks. We’ve adopted the practice of “green washing,” which involves using recycled gray water from New York City’s sinks, baths, and laundry machines to clean our vehicles.

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You can benefit from our green moving solutions

Your gain from our green: Benefits of hiring us

As we see it, you’ve got 3 main advantages to choosing a green move over a conventional move:

  1. If you hire Movers, Not Shakers!, you can ‘edit your lifestyle’ during your relocation without filling up a dumpster. While booking your move, request our reusable bags that you can fill with old clothing and outdated electronics. We will take those items to our preferred recycling partners, and you won’t have to drag them to your new home or discard them as trash.
  2. It’s easier! Consider using reusable bins over cardboard boxes: the bins stack within each other to maintain a low profile. There is no folding, taping, or assembly of a reusable bin; it arrives ready to be filled. We drop the bins off at your doorstep before your move so you can pack them, and we pick them up after you are unpacked to be cleaned and prepped for the next eco-conscious customer. You do not have to deal with the disposal of a pile of cardboard boxes post-move; our Nolita movers or teams from any other NYC neighborhood can do that for you.
  3. You get to have an impact, too. It’s the discerning customer these days that choose like-minded companies, relying on their beliefs to determine with whom they work. Moving is one of the most wasteful industries out there, but we know it doesn’t have to be. If our green initiatives were implemented nationwide, the impact would be significant, and by choosing a green company, you are choosing to help the entire industry move forward.

Doing the right thing for yourself and the world was never so easy. Remember, it’s not just who moves you but HOW you get moved!

Why choose an eco-friendly move?

Choosing a green move goes beyond an environmentally friendly decision and provides significant personal benefits. On the environmental front, it’s an active way to contribute to the health of our planet and ensures a sustainable future for coming generations. On a personal level, opting for a green move brings convenience and cost-effectiveness. Using reusable packing materials, for example, not only eliminates the hassle of sourcing and disposing of cardboard boxes but can also save money in the long run.

Moreover, many people enjoy knowing their move is as eco-friendly as possible. As our customer remarks, “Opting for a green move made me feel I was doing my part for the environment, and surprisingly, it also made my move more organized and less stressful.” Choosing to move green with our Manhattan movers, therefore, offers an appealing combination of environmental stewardship, convenience, and cost savings.

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We’re green – join us!

Choose No1 green moving company in NYC – Hire Movers Not Shakers!

As New York’s first Green Movers, we’ve made “We’re green” more than a slogan – it’s our way of life. Mark Ehrhardt, our founder, initiated Movers, Not Shakers with a vision to transform the moving industry. Therefore, our eco-friendly practices significantly reduce your move’s carbon footprint. Plus, our affordable and waste-conscious methods not only make moving a less daunting task for our clients but also foster a more sustainable community. As you plan your next move, remember that choosing us means choosing a greener future. Thus, contact us and enjoy the green moving process.

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