You must have seen New York a million times through others’ eyes, in movies and social media. No one can say no when the place of abundant opportunities calls. If the city is calling you, you are up for an amazing experience. We made a list of things for you to consider for moving to New York conveniently. Check it out:

What are the Moving and Living Costs?

It is not hidden from anyone that NYC has a high cost of living. Look for affordable apartments with easy access to basic amenities. You can ask around for cheap rental places and how much packers and movers cost in New York. Also consider the possibility of having to spend some time looking for a perfect locality and residential property. You need the cheapest way to relocate while you are on the hunt. It is a good idea to contact a moving and storage service in New York. With massive storehouses across the city, Movers Not Shakers! can take care of all your storage needs and help you relocate anywhere seamlessly.

What is the Best Time to Move to New York?
A lot of changes happen during May and June, such as students going to college, and graduates moving for work. These are the busiest months with high chances of finding great properties. There are other benefits of relocating during late spring. First, you do not have to deal with snow or rain as the weather remains pleasant. Second, your moving company will not require extra trucks or labor to navigate the snow through New York and surrounding areas. Lower prices! Moreover, if you have minimal stuff, you can club with other movers to save further. A homegrown green company, like Movers Not Shakers! is the most affordable choice if you are moving from afar. Ensure that your chosen long distance moving company has a good reputation and experience navigating the various boroughs of New York.

How To Plan to Move Your Start-Up?

While moving itself is a big task, taking your business along requires extra expertise. Consider Movers Not Shakers! for top-notch residential and commercial moving services for relocating in and out of New York. Our weather-controlled, and spacious warehouses are monitored 24/7. Store all your business supplies and machinery till you settle in and find a place for your business.

Whether to Pack in advance or not?
Do you pack before the movers come? Remember that you don’t have to extend yourselves with Movers Not Shakers! However, we understand that these are DIY times. Therefore, we provide reusable bins and packing supplies, to give a hand to enable you to pack your belongings to your satisfaction. Our experts handle all the bulk that you can’t. Associating with a green moving company in New York also makes you a part of the responsible relocation community. Just so you know, our trucks run on green fuel too.

Do you not have a date yet and are wondering when you should arrange movers? No worries, speak to Movers Not Shakers! to get a free estimate. We will also help you plan the relocation by understanding your needs. We prioritize your convenience and schedule.