When building an office move timeline, decide which day you want to start in your new space, and work backwards from there. Office moves usually happen on the weekend because I.T. can dismantle the network on a Friday afternoon, and get it back up by Monday morning. We work with several IT specialists, and can help you in this regard. 

Movers not Shakers Commercial Movers
Movers not Shakers Commercial Movers

We Offer:

  •  Document disposal
  •  Document destruction
  •  Furniture donation
  •  Furniture disposal
  •  IT services and installation
  •  Decoration and design
  •  Cost estimates
  •  Timeline creation
  •  Service requirements

Office Moves of All Sizes

We have moved offices of all sizes across New York City. Whether you have 15 employees or over 100, we’ll make a plan that works for your budget. We will walk through your properties and create detailed estimates. Our prices are guaranteed!

Movers not Shakers Commercial Movers Bins
Movers not Shakers Commercial Movers Insurance


Movers, Not Shakers! will generate the proper certificate of insurance for your building management. With our $7m rider, all your property is protected. Please call to discuss what your particular insurance needs may be, and we can detail several options so you can make clear, understandable choices that match your needs.

Mean & Green

Our green bins allow you to move without generating 250 lbs. of cardboard waste. They nest when they are empty, and stack when they are full. We provide custom labeling so each employees’ supplies arrive at the right place in the new location. After the move, simply empty them out, and we pick them up when ready.

Movers not Shakers Commercial Movers Bins