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Choose some of the finest movers Upper West Side residents rely on and move without any shakes, whether locally, long distances, or interstate. Move both your home and business seamlessly and in an eco-friendly way.

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There’s no better place to search for movers Upper West Side offers than Movers Not Shakers. As one of the best NYC moving companies, we provide our clients with a seamless moving experience by meeting their needs in a tailored and green way. Thus, wait no more; choose some of the best Upper West Side movers and make your relocation easy, simple, without shakes, and successful. Contact us now and get your moving estimate for your commercial, residential, local, long-distance, or inte

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With over 20 years and 20,000 moves under our belt, Movers, Not Shakers! makes your move stress-free.

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Movers Not Shakers is the best choice

Choosing Movers Not Shakers as your moving service provider ensures you’re partnering with an industry leader committed to both excellence and sustainability. The team has all your moving needs covered with a comprehensive range of services that include 24/7 availability, last-minute moves, specialized piano transport, and smaller-scale solutions. One standout feature is the use of biodiesel trucks, a testament to the commitment to eco-friendly practices. These trucks not only minimize the carbon footprint of your move but also show the company’s dedication to innovative green moving methods.

Additionally, pricing is made transparent and stress-free through a flat-fee model instead of an hourly rate, allowing you to budget your move without any surprises. And when it comes to packing supplies, reusable materials are the go-to choice, further reducing waste and environmental impact. From the planning stages to the final delivery of your belongings, every action is guided by a philosophy that marries convenience and ecological responsibility. This makes Movers Not Shakers the ideal choice for any move, fulfilling both practical and ethical requirements. Thus, become a part of our story and relocate without shakes.

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We know timing is important, especially in New York. Our expert crew is ready to make even the most complex move easy.

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We’re based in Brooklyn and can help you with local moves around NYC or long-distance moves in or out of the city.

Packing, Unpacking, Storage and More

For over 20 years and 20,000 moves, Movers, Not Shakers! makes your move stress-free – with as little or as much help as you need.

Movers Upper West Side cover each type of the move

When you choose Movers Upper West Side, you’re not just opting for a smooth and stress-free move; you’re also making a conscious decision to move sustainably. With a green approach woven into each service offering, every step of your move is a step toward a healthier planet.

  • Local moving: Local relocations are optimized for fuel-efficiency, making use of well-planned routes and eco-friendly vehicles. Shorter trips don’t mean cutting corners on sustainability.
  • Long distance moving: Journeying afar? Biodiesel trucks are at the forefront here, significantly reducing carbon emissions while ensuring your belongings reach their distant destination securely.
  • Interstate moving: When crossing state lines, meticulous planning ensures the most efficient routes are chosen to lessen the ecological footprint of your move, all while handling the complexities of interstate regulations.
  • Packing services: Sustainability begins at the packing stage. Eco-friendly packing materials, including reusable boxes and biodegradable supplies, are used to protect your items and the environment alike.
  • Moving supplies: The company’s commitment to green practices extends to the moving supplies offered. Think recycled packing paper and reusable moving bins, all aimed at reducing waste.
  • Piano moving: Special care is taken to move delicate items like pianos, and the equipment used for such special jobs is chosen for both its efficiency and its eco-friendly attributes.
  • Residential moving: Every home move is executed with the dual aim of reducing both stress and carbon footprint. From initial planning to the final unpacking, energy-efficient methods are employed throughout.
  • Commercial moving: Every detailed component of relocating a commercial enterprise is strategized to uphold green practices.
  • Storage services: Storage solutions are not only secure but also crafted with environmental mindfulness. Energy-efficient climate control systems ensure that your stored items are kept in conditions that are both reliable and sustainable. 
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Moving services go beyond the common ones

Moving services from top-notch movers Upper West Side extend far beyond the standard offerings, catering to a variety of unique needs and circumstances. Around-the-clock availability with 24/7 moving services ensures that you can make your move happen whenever it suits you, whether it’s the middle of the night or early morning. This kind of flexibility is especially invaluable for those with unpredictable schedules or last-minute changes.

Speaking of last-minute moving, it’s not uncommon to find yourself in need of immediate moving assistance. Whether it’s due to an unexpected job transfer or a fast-approaching lease end date, last-minute moving services manage quick turnarounds efficiently, reducing stress in what can be a high-pressure situation.

Additionally, not all moves are large-scale affairs. Sometimes, you’re just looking to move a small apartment or even just a single room. Small moving solutions will accommodate less voluminous moves without compromising on the quality of service. You’ll still receive the same meticulous planning, execution, and care that you would for a larger move, but on a scale that’s appropriate for your specific situation.

Steps to hiring Upper West Side movers

To hire the services of Upper West Side movers, begin by initiating contact through a phone call, email, or an online inquiry form on the website. Next, prepare to share key details about your move. These should include such as the number of rooms, special items like pianos, and your desired moving date. Based on this information, the team will craft a customized moving plan according to your specific needs. Then, you’ll receive a comprehensive quote detailing the cost breakdown, allowing you to budget effectively. All in all, once you agree to the terms and the quote, you can confidently proceed with moving. You can be sure that the Upper West Side movers will carry out your move efficiently and professionally.

A few words about Upper West Side

Situated between Central Park and Riverside Park, the Upper West Side is a classic New York City area that feels like a journey through both pop culture and historical landmarks. Famous for its residential buildings that you’ve likely seen on screen, this neighborhood offers a wide range of cultural experiences. Besides, you can enjoy top-tier shows at Lincoln Center or explore science and history at the American Museum of Natural History. Moreover, the locale is also a hotspot for food lovers, featuring some of the city’s best breakfast spots and delicious specialty foods. With a median home value of $1,490,386 and a median rent of $2,262, the Upper West Side combines the allure of old New York with contemporary city living.


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Ready for a smooth, efficient, and eco-friendly move? Choose the best movers Upper West Side has to offer and make your relocation a stress-free experience! Contact us now to get a customized moving plan and a transparent quote. Make the smart move—choose Upper West Side movers for your next transition.