Since we’ve been in business for 16 years, we have built up a stellar referral program from loyal customers, and fellow professionals in the real estate world who trust us to treat their friends and customers with the same care and flexibility we’ve given them. We have two programs set up, one for personal referrals and one for professional referrals and business development.

  1. Personal – Starting now, if you have moved with us in the past, you are entitled to a discount of 10% off the price of your next move. If you refer a friend, they are also entitled to that same 10% discount. You may keep it for yourself, or pass it along to your friend; it’s up to you.
  2. Professional – We have been in the fortunate position over the last few years to create strategic alliances with some of the most prestigious real estate management firms, serving the best addresses in NYC and beyond. Additionally, we are the go to mover for many top-producing brokers. We service stagers, move model apartments, and store and relocate staging furniture for model apartments and open houses.       

If you are interested in working with a mover who is highly responsive, call us. We can usually schedule something for you as early as next day, and sometimes by that afternoon. We can also discuss bulk moves, where we move several locations at a fixed price, and can provide pricing plans that allow you to forecast moving expenses into your overall marketing budget. Reach out to Kater Danford in Business Development: (718) 243-0221 or send Kater an email. We have many creative ways to make a quality move add value for your incoming tenants and homebuyers on the buy or sell side