Simple Ways to Green Your Home This Earth Month🏚🌎

With Earth Day just around the corner, we wanted to put together a few helpful and easy tips that you can do to make your home and your life more green. Little changes can add up to big improvements, so take these small steps to make yourself greener, and encourage your friends to do so as well.

Personal Habit Changes💡

It’s easy to fall into our regular habits, but it is imperative to incorporate tiny steps in your daily pattern to make your home more eco-friendly.

Turn off and unplug appliances and technology when they’re not in use. If you shut down your computer when not using it, it will function better and last longer. It will also save money on electricity.

When doing laundry, try to use colder water as much as possible. 90% of the energy used in a washing cycle goes to heating up the water. There are also millions of microfibers that are released into our water stream every time you use the washing machine, so try to limit how often you wash your clothing. You may even be over washing, which will shorten the lifespan of your clothing. Check out the microfiber catcher that can help alleviate this issue.

For a detailed look into your energy use, calculate your carbon footprint. You can also calculate your water footprint. Both of which will result in energy saved and lower bills.

Switch to Green Energy With Your Provider⚡

Even if you have a more energy efficient appliance, it still may be running on environmentally damaging energy sources. If you are a customer of ConEd, you can sign up for their green energy option in either a fixed or variable rate. And if you’re a resident of Brooklyn, check out Brooklyn Microgrid, which is a network of energy relationships that supports locally generated renewable energy. They’re in their first phase of deploying a new technology that directly connects local renewable energy producers to consumers.

Lower your Electricity Bills💸

When you need to purchase any new appliances for your home, make your decision based on energy efficiency. The more efficient it is, the less it will cost for you to run. Look for the Energy Guide label on any new appliance. It tells how much energy it uses and makes it easier to compare with other products.

Textile Recycling with Wearable Collections👔

Since 2000, Wearable Collections has placed bins within apartment buildings so that residents can now recycle clothing as easy as they can recycle cans or newspapers. All you need to do is request a bin by filling out a quick and easy form. They will then arrange a solution for your needs.

We’re always looking more ways to be green and we encourage others to do so as well! To make it easier for you to take advantage of making your home green, check out the tax credits, rebates and other incentives to support energy efficiency offered by the U.S. Department of Energy.

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